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Han Cholo Darth Vader lightsaber bracelet - Think Geek version. A review #starwars #accessories - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Han Cholo Darth Vader lightsaber bracelet - Think Geek version. A review #starwars #accessories [Jan. 29th, 2016|01:41 pm]
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Han Cholo lightsaber braclet - Think Geek exclusive

My friend Shinya has the original version of this bracelet, and whilst it's awesome, I'm not that keen on the colours. Of course he had to go and point out that Think Geek had an all gold version exclusive to them. Up to that point, I had avoided Think Geek like the plague for various reasons, these being a few:
* The site immediately connects with FB when you are logged into FB on that same browser, which I think is well dodgy, especially in terms of privacy and FB's lack thereoff (so I only browse Think Geek in browers where I'm not logged in on FB now).
* Their shipping used to be RIDICULOUSLY overpriced.
But after oggling the bracelet for a while, they suddenly did a 20% off action AND their site claimed that they would do economy shipping via "local courier" meaning USPS (and then B-post once in Belgium). So I figured I'd take the chance as it was 50/50 I would avoid customs.
Imagine my surprise when it turned out they hadn't adjusted their site and "local carrier" meant UPS Mail Innovations.
And everyone that knows me knows I avoid UPS like the plague because they are BEYOND untrustworthy. And customs traps. Luckily this form of UPS gets handed over to B-post once through UPS customs (yes UPS gets to handle their own customs, yes this is well dodgy and shouldn't be happening but hey, apparently they have this weird deal with the Belgian government, another company acting like the TTIP is already in place, alas). Anyway, I lucked out and didn't have to pay customs, but I doubt that I'll order from Think Geek again, I don't want to push my luck!

Anyway, to the actual review! :)

Han Cholo lightsaber braclet - Think Geek exclusive

The bracelet comes in a cardboard box with a little padding inside. The cardboard isn't terribly sturdy, so even though Think Geek packaged it really well (no complaints there!) it did get a little scuffed. I don't actually mind, but I can imagine that collectors would NOT be pleased with this. In any case, I like the design of the box, the galaxy print is pretty cute and I like the tagline of the back that says "for ages cool and up" :)

Han Cholo lightsaber braclet - Think Geek exclusive

Sadly the light didn't do the colour justice, but you can see the detail of the sabre handle part pretty well on this.

Darth Vader lightsaber bracelet

I couldn't manage to get a clear photo of the text insde saying "The Power of the Dark Side", so here's the product photo.

Han Cholo lightsaber braclet - Think Geek exclusive

This is a pretty acurate representation of the colour.

Photo of the day: 29.1.2016 (day 29)

As you can see it was pretty big on me, so after I took that photo I squeezed it together so it would fit me better :)

Even though the gold tone looks pretty "fake gold" it's still cool, and I like the black ink style detailing they did on it to give it more, well, detail. It's surgical steel, so it's very comforable against bare skin and light weight, which are definite bonusses.
Overall, the quality seems to be pretty good. It looks nice, it's comfortable and it seems to be sturdy enough. That said, I'm not sure the colour won't start to fade after a while, but I don't think that it would actually make it look less good.
Time will tell!

[User Picture]From: countlibras
2016-01-29 02:40 pm (UTC)
international shipping is all kinds of crazy, isn't it?

love the bracelet. :)
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[User Picture]From: kittensandsteam
2016-01-29 03:40 pm (UTC)
Oh yes, yes it is!
At least this wasn't too bad, it was $9,99 if I remember correctly, and I didn't have to pay customs, so that's a definite bonus!
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