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Thoughts on the arrest made at Disneyland Paris today #respectforDLP - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Thoughts on the arrest made at Disneyland Paris today #respectforDLP [Jan. 28th, 2016|07:51 pm]
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This is all over the news, that today a man was arrested carrying 2 guns and ammo into the Hotel New York.
First of all: kudos to the Disneyland Paris security personel. They used to be total slackers, but ever since the Paris attacks they REALLY upped their game, came around and are now making sure that no crap (terrorist or otherwise) happens at Disneyland Paris, and I applaud their effords.

Now whom I have ZERO respect for, is the media and how they are handling things.
Would they have mentioned it if this potential gunman was a white Christian carrying a Holy Bible?
Most likely not, because that doesn't fit the political agenda of fear mongering and fueling the anti-Muslim sentiments.
We all know that yes, some Muslims are rotten apples, but let's be realistic here: you have terrorist factions in EVERY religion.
Fact: most terrorist attacks that happen in the US are by Christians. 'Nuff said.
Don't let the media scare you.

Allow me to rewrite this particular piece of news the way it SHOULD have been written.
A 28 year old male carrying two guns and ammunition was caught during the security check upon entering hotel New York. His girlfriend was detained for questioning out of security measures. Both were taken in custody by the police. His unarmed girlfriend was later released, the owner of the guns remains in custody.
This proves that DLP's security is sufficient and guests can continue visiting the park knowing their safety is assured.

This provides people with the information they need. It reasures them that security is adequate (which, clearly, it is). It doesn't unnecessarily fuel the already, sadly, prevalent anti-Muslim sentiments because, let's be very honest here, it could have been someone from ANY religion.

DLP April 2012 - Heading to the Hotel New York

Photo by Jon Fiedler, because his photos of the hotel are much nicer than mine!