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It's Tsum Tsum Tuesday so let's talk about Tsum Tsums! - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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It's Tsum Tsum Tuesday so let's talk about Tsum Tsums! [Jan. 26th, 2016|06:40 pm]
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Photo of the day/Tsum Tsum Tuesday: 26.1.2016 (day 26)

My friend Dan and I (well ok it was my idea, but he went with it!) decided we needed more encouragement to post on our personal blogs. So each week we'll come up with a topic for the both of us, and write about that. I thought up "what we like about Tsum Tsums" for this week, I'll be curious to see what he comes up with for next week (if he doesn't forget, because I already had to remind him about this yesterday. :P @ Dan). But you know, for as long as it lasts it'll be good fun I'm sure! :)

Tsum Tsum Tuesday 1.12.2015

I remember first seeing Tsum Tsums back in 2013 or 2014 on the Japanese Disney Store when they got launched on there. I remember looking at them with my friend Sam, and neither of us quite understanding what they were supposed to be, other than weird and cute looking small plushes. So basically, for months on end, I did notice them when I looked through the site of the Japanese Disney Store, but didn't actually buy any. Not 'till October 2014 when I visited Disneyland Paris and bought some there because I got to see them in person and that was what pulled me over the edge.

Photo of the day: 10.2.2015 (day 41)

Originally I got Marie for Shinto (who now also owns Miss Bunny, I have sucessfully made her give back Tick Tock Croc), a classic Chip for Loa and Figaro for myself. Loa played with his the grand total of 2 or 3 days, which left me with two Tsum Tsums.

Loa can haz Tsum Tsum

There's also a video of Loa with his Tsum Tsum. Just to prove how sturdy they are :)
(Flickr still won't provide embed codes that work on a blog, typical).

I quickly realised that Tsum Tsums had the capacity to take over a large portion of the house, so I decided for myself that I was going to get shadow boxes (or at least the box part) at the art supply shop, and when they're full, they're full, and that will be the end of it. I have one large for random Tsums and originally I had two smaller ones, one for Chip Tsums and one for Goofy Tsums. But then my friend Charlotte visited and she managed to talk me out of a box. So the Goofy's are currently sitting atop the Chip box. Because that box is full, I've stopped collecting Chip's (ok there's one Dale in there, but you can't really have Chip without Dale, as Bert rightfully pointed out). I still have 4 spaces in my large box, which I'm saving up for Darth Vader for sure and we'll see what other three I end up getting. I really wanted to get the Thor and Rocket Raccoon ones, but they both look so fail that I decided not to, even though I love Thor and Rocket and read the title comics of those characters.
I think that at this point, when I get a new box for the Goofy's, that'll be hardest to fill up because they only release Goofy Tsum Tsums 2 or 3 times a year.

Easter Bunny Chip and Piglet

In the mean time my mum has started collecting Piglet's, she's got 6 now. I think my dad is quite sure it's some kind of collective insanity but. So yeah, I love Tsum Tsums, because they're fun, cute and inexpensive if you stick to the official stores. You can keep your collection as modest as you want, or go as all out as you feel like (in which case they may take over your life), which is something I find really appealing.

So yeah, I like Tsum Tsums, even though my collecting days are drawing to a close :)
I don't play the Tsum Tsum game btw, because a game that requires me to be online nonstop inherently pisses me off.
Would play it on arcade though :)
I have played it a few times, the mobile version that is, and I'm actually surprisingly good at it, so I'm quite curious to see how well I'd do on an arcade version.

Photo of the day: 13.10.2015 (day 286)

All my Tsum Tsum photos.

In any case, Dan is much more into Tsum Tsums than I am!
Together with his husband he runs Tsum Tsum Central, if having your own Tsum Tsum blog isn't dedication, then I don't know what is :)
So it'll be interesting to see what he has to say about Tsum Tsums (if he doesn't forget) ^^

[User Picture]From: countlibras
2016-01-27 08:11 pm (UTC)
I like how you and your friend have decided to encourage each other to blog more often. :)
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: kittensandsteam
2016-01-29 12:54 pm (UTC)
Well he's not actually blogged anything yet, so I'm not sure our plan worked :)
But at least we tried! :)
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