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THE 30 DISNEY QUESTIONS TAG! - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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THE 30 DISNEY QUESTIONS TAG! [Jan. 15th, 2016|10:02 pm]
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[music |Ultimate Spider-Man in the background, the Kraven vs White Tiger episode]

I don't need to get tagged to do a quiz I like so basically, so I'm not tagging others. I think that everyone that feels like it should do it :)

Bon voyage!

Random image from my last trip to Disneyland Paris :)

1. Favourite character?
Launchpad McQuack


2. Favourite princess?
Merida, Brave.


3. Favourite heroine?
Captain Amelia, Treasure Planet.


4. Favourite prince?
Phillip, Sleeping Beauty.
Dude battles dragons, seems fair enough to me.

Fighting Maleficent

5. Favourite hero?
Cliff Secord, aka The Rocketeer.


6. Favourite animal?
Pascal, Tangled.

7. Favourite sidekick?
Louis the alligator, Princess and the Frog.

8. Favourite villain?
It's a tie between Maleficent, Professor Rattigan and Doctor Facilier.

9. Favourite original Disney character (fab 5 and friends)

Goofy banner

10. Favourite love song?
I guess Kiss the Girl from The Little Mermaid. It's catchy, and a Japanese surfrock band did a really fun cover.

11. Favourite song?
I can't choose between these:
Mickey Mouse March cover by Avengers in Sci-fi

Baroque Hoedown, cover by Pia-no-Jac

Main Street USA's Junk Man Rag
The origial Euro Disney Discoveryland theme song.

12. Favourite villain song?
A tie between Poor Unfortunate Souls and Be Prepared.

13. Least favourite song?
All the overly mushy princess songs, bleh. And the vast majority of Disneyland Paris parade songs.
Oh and the Small World theme song, I truly hate the Small World theme song.
With the fire of a thousand suns.

14. Favourite kiss?
Tiana and Naveen I guess, I'm not really into the entire romance thing in Disney movies.

15. The first Disney movie you saw?
I can't remember which one I really saw first as a kid, so I'll go with the first one I saw in the cinema, which was Peter Pan (the cinema nearest to me would often show old Disney classics anew, I'm not THAT old ^^).

16. Favourite classic?
If that means old classics, The Aristocats.

If it means all movies listed as classics: Treasure Planet.

17. Which song always gets stuck in your head?
That damn Small World theme!
But luckily a lot of instrumental Disney songs too, phew!

18. Favourite Pixar film?
A tie between Monsters Inc and Monsters University.

Check out this super fun Monsters University fan page!

19. Least favourite Pixar film?
Both Finding Nemo and A Bug's Life.

20. Favourite sequel?
Return to Never Land.

21. Overrated movie?
Every High School Musical one, but as far as animated goes: definitely Finding Nemo.

22. Underrated movie?
Animated: Treasure Planet (although there are more, like The Great Mouse Detective, The Black Cauldron and both The Rescuers and The Rescuers Down Under).
Live action: The Rocketeer.

23. A movie that makes you laugh?
Monsters Inc

And even though these aren't movies, the Mickey Mouse shorts generally crack me up too :)

24. A movie that makes you cry?
I don't cry with movies, so none. I didn't even cry when Bambi's mother died, I just got really mad at the hunter (my mum is pretty sure my hate for sports hunters began at that very moment).

25. What's the saddest scene from your favourite movie?
Luckily Treasure Planet doesn't really have sad scenes, neither does The Rocketeer :)

26. Saddest death?
Bambi's mother I suppose, because it was just so damn pointless.

27. Favourite quote?
"If I can fly it, I can crash it!" Launchpad McQuack.

28. Favourite theme park?
Well I've only been to Disneyland Paris, so the Disneyland Park there, with Discoveryland in particular as favourite area.

Discoveryland entrance statue

view on Discoveryland

29. Favourite theme attraction?
Les Mystères du Nautilus, closely followed by Big Thunder Mountain.

Les Mystères du Nautilus

Big Thunder Mountain

30. Favourite theme park show?
I am rather fond of the Halloween ones :)

Trick or Treat in the Street

I also love the Halloween villains shows but I don't have a good photo of those. My friend Gaëtane does though, check out her flickr page!