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Analog baby! Pentax ESPIO 120 pt.4 - #analog #35mm #shootfilm #believeinfilm #filmisnotdead - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Analog baby! Pentax ESPIO 120 pt.4 - #analog #35mm #shootfilm #believeinfilm #filmisnotdead [Jan. 12th, 2016|12:50 pm]
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Grote Markt - Antwerp, Belgium

Camera: Pentax ESPIO 120
Film: Lomography color negative 400 (35mm)
Last roll of that Lomo film and good riddance too!
I've currently stored the Pentax in favor of finishing the roll of Ilford Delta 3200 on my Samsung, and I'm looking forward to trying some Kodak Ultramax 400 on that camera :)

First things first: December 23 2015 - Aachen, Germany

Aachener Dom

Aachener Dom

Aachener Dom (cathedral)

Christmas in Aachen

Christmas in the streets.

Christmas at Nobis Bakery

Christmas at a Nobis bakery.

mother demon

father demon

Baby demon

A family of demons on a storefront in Aachen. On a surprisingly mundane store too!

I'm not sure what date these were taken, but somewhere in between the trips to Aachen and Antwerp.
Heist-op-den-Berg, Belgium

Christmas light

Christmas light

December 30 2015 - Antwerp, Belgium.

Grote Markt - Antwerp, Belgium

Brabo fountain and city hall.

Super cute handwarmer

Super cute handwarmer plushie at a shop. I was actually going to go back and get one to share with Shinto, but I forgot XD

Jan Bosschaert mural

Jan Bosschaert mural - detail

Jan Bosschaert mural - detail

Finally I found the Jan Bosschaert wall! Sadly it's not very conviently painted to photograph :(
But it's totally worth checking out!!!


Ran into Lora and Julie, but Julie just came out of work and didn't feel like having her picture taken.

Daily analog: 1.1.2016 (day 1)

Daily analog: 1.1.2016
A hot air balloon that was landing behind the field accros our house :)
The crew walking towards it kept giving me the stink eye for taking photos, obviously not a single fuck was given about this :)
I doubt I'll be able to take literally 365 analog photos, but hey, I can try to get as many as I can at least :)


Random photo of Loa because I wanted to finish the roll so I could bring it in to get it developed :)

More photos taken with the Pentax ESPIO 120.
More analog photos, taken with a variety of cameras.