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Aachen Christmas market: 23.12.2015 - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Aachen Christmas market: 23.12.2015 [Jan. 11th, 2016|12:25 pm]
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I'm not actually backlogged, it was just that most of my photos were on two different analog cameras, and analog cameras take time :)

the inflatable gingerbread man thing

Anyway, we originally planned to go to the Christmas market earlier (and not the last day of the market) but due to circumstances we couldn't go earlier. But hey, at least we still got to go. It was the first time driving to Aachen with our new sat nav, and even though we programmed an underground parking we had parked at before, the sat nav sent us to a different part of town (still not far from the city center) and tried to get us to park in this really weird underground space where you had to insert a German or French bank card to even be able to park.
So obviously, even though it took some manouvering to get out of that street, we were NOT going for that. Even if it accepted Belgian cards, we still wouldn't have. Stuff like that is just well dodgy.
Luckily there were quite a few parking structures around that area, so we just went for another one nearby.

Turns out we had parked in this weird area that was slowly turning hipster. There was a comic book store, which surprisingly had a lot of English titles, which was nice but compared to bookdepository.com massively overpriced so we didn't buy anything.
There was one store, I can't remember what it sold but it was all really mundane (that I do remember) that had a family of demons on their facade. That was really random.

father demon

mother demon

Baby demon

The city center was quite busy, but not extremely so, which was nice, because having to maneuver the Christmas market in a massive crowd would not have been my idea of a good time.

Before we went to the actual market, we had a look at Butlers, where I wanted to pick up some Disney ♥ Butlers things for Gaëtane. They didn’t have a lot from her wishlist, and I admittedly hadn’t really packed enough cash so that didn’t help either. What also didn’t help is that there was an absolutely massive queue, so Bert and I decided to go back to the store later before we went home. We popped into the DM next door, because I wanted to see if they still sold cheap rolls of film. They didn’t, but they did have a lot of cheap photo stuff like super cheap glue rollers that are mega sticky (less than half the price of HEMA’s photo glue rollers for the same amount of glue AND much stickier). I wish I had bought more than one now. They also sold three-packs of Kodak Gold 200 for € 7,98. Because there was also a massive queue there, and still plenty of stock left, that was left for later as well.
The photography store next door actually charged more than Grobet for Kodak Ultramax 400, so I didn’t buy anything there either.

So we went for lunch at Nobis, which has a cafeteria attached to the bakery. We could see part of the Christmas market (its spread out over 3 squares and some streets) from the window.

view on the Christmas market outsid

After lunch we went to look around the Christmas market and took some photos. Of both the market

cute cat bag

Star decorations

The giant inflatable gingerbread man

They seem to bring out this creepy thing every year XD.

Christmas at Nobis Bakery

Christmas in Aachen

The sausage restaurant

Santa on the nougat stall

and the Aachener Dom (Aachen cathedral).

Aachener Dom and the Christmas market

Aachener Dom

Aachener Dom

Aachener Dom: double exposure

There's nothing wrong with this photo, it's a double exposure shot :)

We also went back and forth a few times to check out food stalls, and also because I mistakenly thought they sold kibbeling on the same square where Bert bought bratwurst, which they didn’t. I liked the kibbeling I got fine, but there was way too much of it, so Bert had to finish it. I think that next year I’ll just buy another pastry.

Having seen all there was to see on the Christmas market, and not wanting to brave the shopping streets because they were positively SWAMPED. Plus we had both already finished our Christmas shopping way ahead of Christmas (Eve) so we didn’t need anything from the stores on those streets anyway. We did, however, needed to go back to DM and Butlers. And pick up some pastries for Bert’s grandparents, which we did first. Whilst he went into the bakery end of that particular Nobis (there’s Nobis bakeries all over Aachen), I went into the shop part to see about a really nice tin box with the Aachener Dom on the lid. Turns out they weren’t selling them empty (WTF?!) and it cost nearly € 35 (double WTF?!) to have it filled with various cookies and chocolates (most of them either not nice at all and/or rock hard). So that was NOT going to happen. At DM I got aforementioned glue roller and film, but also a box of hazelnut brown hair dye by Schwartzkopf. Normally those boxes are cheap as it is, but now it was less than € 2! So no way I was not going to get one. If I feel like dip dyeing my hair brown again, I can! The queues were just as bad as the first time we got into the store, so it did take quite a while.

At Butlers I picked up a Lady and the Tramp mug for Gaëtane, and luckily the queue at Butlers was shorter (not much, but some at least) than before.

On the way back to the car I took some more photos, and that was that.

Mayerliche bookstore


Christmas lights

All pictures of that trip to Aachen are here.

Cameras used:
* Canon EOS 700D, 18-55mm lens
* Agfa Click 1, Lomography color negative 400 film (120mm)
* Pentax ESPIO 120, Lomography color negative 400 film (35mm)
Those were actually the last of the Lomo film, and all I can say is: GOOD RIDDANCE!