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Happy new year everyone! [Jan. 1st, 2016|06:01 pm]
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It's January 1st, have some pictures!

Photo of the day: 1.1.2016 (day 1)

Photo of the day: 1.1.2016 (day 1)
Happy birthday everyone!
As you can see, Loa is still very sleepy.
Sadly he was upset most of the night because the fireworks scared him a lot, but even though he's tired, he's luckily up to being his usual self today, phew! :)

First outfit of the day, photo by Bert.

First outfit of the year (1.1.2016)

Flower hairband: Crown and Glory
Glasses: Theo
Cardigan: Primark
Blouse: thrifted
Skirt: made it myself
Tights: Insua
Socks: Decathlon (I know woolen socks are silly, but I'm still breaking in those brogues, no one likes sore feet!)
Shoes: asos

BCM #26 out now for free download!

And a new edition of BCM!
Download it for free here (and make sure to check the alternative download link if Telenet is being difficult again).

Our first edition of 2016 is sadly bittersweet, as it is a tribute to Shota Yokoyama of ADAMS, who passed away on November 30th. In his honour we not only have tribute pages, but also republished every interview with him from past editions, as well as reviewing recent works and a concert from before his death.

On the fashion front we feature vintage styles and handmade J-fashions, there are many pages dedicated to events that happened since edition 25 was published and for this edition the talented photographer Helcanen takes us to Hiroshima, Japan for another beautiful photo feature.

This along with many other bits and pieces, make up our current edition, I hope you enjoy reading it, and to everyone that passes by this page: happy 2016, the crew of BCM wishes you all the best for the new year!