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last photos of the year [Dec. 31st, 2015|04:50 pm]
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Well in theory, because there's still some unfinished rolls of film on my Pentax, Samsung, Agfa Click, Agfa Isola and Actionsamper, oops :)
And I've still got to pick up negatives on Saturday, also of 2015.

But for now, these are the last photos for this year :)
I'm not doing the IggleXmasHunt and 5FFphoto entries for today, as I don't feel like it. So this post obviously won't contain those.

Photo of the day: 31.12.2015 (day 365)

Photo of the day: 31.12.2015 (day 365)
Traditionally Bert poses with the cat on the last day of the year. In theory, because it doesn't always work out, but we do try!

Outfit: 31.12.2015

And ok, this photo is by Bert, but hey, whatever: outfit shot! :)

Glasses: Theo
Scarf: knitted it myself
Brooch on scarf: made it myself
Top: Primark
Bag: the bag containing my Agfa Click 1
Skirt: made it myself
Tights: Teja Jamilla
Boots: sacha

My resolutions are to blog more, to take more photos, to try and post my daily photo as daily as possible.
And to do a daily analog photo as well.

But first: