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analog baby! Pentax ESPIO 120 pt 3 #shootfilm #filmisnotdead #35mm #analog - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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analog baby! Pentax ESPIO 120 pt 3 #shootfilm #filmisnotdead #35mm #analog [Dec. 29th, 2015|01:16 pm]
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Film: Lomography color negative 400 (35mm)
I don't much like these Lomography films at all, I've got one roll left of both 35mm (again, in my Pentax) and 120mm (again, in my Agfa Click). I don't want to throw them away, but I'm less than stoked about taking photos with them. From now on I'm sticking to Kodak film. Sure it's pricier, but the results are much nicer. Heck, I can get better results from HEMA film! 'Nuff said.

cart full of plushies

The 13th I went to Antwerp to hang out at the Christmas market with friends. I made a post about that, which you can read here.


8tea5, bubble tea bar and Lomography dealer. I needed aa photo for the next BCM and it was raining a bit so I used my Pentax instead.

Giant Santa wall decal in one of the shops

Giant wall decal in a shop in the Groenplaats mall.

Christmas market signage

Signs at the Groenplaats section of the mall.

more friends!

Laurens, Béatrice and Maarten.

Wesley and Laurens

Wesley and Laurens.

Old timer and Christmas carolers

Oldtimer and musicians playing Christmas songs.

Street in Antwerp

A street in Antwerp.

Some of the people from the belle epoque fashion walk

Some of the people gathered for the Belle Epoch fashion meet.

fire outside the ice skating rink

Fire outside the ice skating rink on the Groenplaats.



Christmas caroling in front of the cathedral

Carolers outside the Cathedral on the Handschoenmarkt.

The 14th, in IKEA Wilrijk.

The big bad wolf Christmas tree

Christmas tree just outside the restaurant area.

Bert at IKEA

Bert at IKEA

Poor Bert, once again victim of me taking photos. I'm pretty sure he's the one setting a bad example to the cat, because Loa always makes the same kind of face at the camera.

awesome looking lamp

Star Wars style lamp

Some nifty looking lamps.


SHARK! Next time I'm at IKEA, I'm buying a shark :)


The plushie foxes were cute too, but not as cool as the sharks :)

cart full of plushies

Display cart full of plushies at the exit.

Because I wasn't out of film yet, I decided to continue to happy snap at Bioplanet, victimising Bert some more.
He was on the phone to his mum anyway so it's not like he even noticed :)

Bert at Bioplanet

Bert at Bioplanet

Bert at Bioplanet

The last picture of the roll is always the best :D