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Tinkly (@tinkly_org) meet in Liège, Belgium (19.12.2015) - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Tinkly (@tinkly_org) meet in Liège, Belgium (19.12.2015) [Dec. 26th, 2015|12:13 pm]
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Group shot selfie

I had heard about Tinkly from my friend Mary, I think in the summer, but I didn't pay much attention to the notion.
After being thorougly fed up by the utter stupid and elitism (sorry for being blunt, but I'm not going to sugarcoat things) on some Disneyland Paris forums (Dan & Jon, not yours!), which made me go off forums altogether, I was without Disney type social media.
I had met Steven during my last trip to Disneyland Paris, and he found me online after said trip and more or less talked me into joining Tinkly.
So in the end Mary and Steven got their way and I joined. Lo and behold, there was no bullshit, no elitism, and most importantly: no utter and total stupid or people that think they can use other DLP fans as a travel agency and can't even be bothered to google for the Disneyland Paris website.
So I stuck around :)

Because Mary and I realised that there were quite a few other Belgians on there, and all the ones we encountered were nice, we figured that hey, we could hold a Tinkly meet! And we didn't even have to use the hated facebook for it, because Tinkly totally allows you to plan events and meets on the site, huzzah!

So we met up at Liège Palais station, Mary arrived late because of you know, make-up (:P @ Mary, don't worry folks, it's a running joke between Mary and I, I'm not being mean!) and in the end we waited till 12.30 for potential late commers (because we had a few no shows) and then wandered into town for the Christmas market :)


Biker Santa

Motorcycle Santa amuses me :)

ferris wheel

Chloé knew a good place to eat, so we popped in there. I can't remember the name of it, but the croque monsieurs were really good :)
We hung out there for a good long while, just talking and having a general good time :)

And afterwards we went back to the Christmas market because nearly all of us wanted to find dessert :)
I passed on it, as did Jessica, because we were full :)



Jessica and Suika

Group shot selfie

I didn't feel like bothering someone to take a photo of us, so I took a selfie groupshot with the Polaroid SNAP instead :) Chloé was fasted to react so she got the actual print :)
I also took a photo of Mary and me, and Mary looked super adorable in it, but I looked like a cave troll, so I deleted the digital copy haha :)

Seeing we accomplished the group shot, we wandered through town

Cinema Churchill

Christmas in the streets

to Pain Quotidien (sp?) for drinks and spend a long time talking and hanging out there too :)

cute cup

They had the cutest expresso cups there!

Suika snuck in an picked up the tab for us, which was mighty nice of him, thanks again! (yes I forgot his real name, I fail XD).

Suika et Jessica

Suika and Jessica :)

When we got back to the station it turned out I had just missed my train (booh), but whilst Mary had to go home, Chloé, Suika and Jessica were nice enough to wait nearly an hour with me for my next one. They are the best! :) Because talking with friends for an hour definitely beats having to wait by myself :)

It was a great meet, and we definitely have to do it again.
Meets will probably continue to happen in the Walloon side of the country, because let's be fair, the only ones in Flanders are Gaëtane and I, and it seems unfair to make everyone else travel for two people.

I've made a tinkly meet album on flickr, but so far there's not really more photos in there than in this post. I'm not sure whether or not I took photos with analog cameras, but if I end up discovering them when I get negatives back, I'll update this post :)