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Analog baby! Agfa Click 1 - part 1 #filmisnotdead #120mm #shootfilm - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Analog baby! Agfa Click 1 - part 1 #filmisnotdead #120mm #shootfilm [Dec. 18th, 2015|11:20 am]
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double exposure at the Stadsfeestzaal

Because I can't load my Agfa Isola 1 one myself, embarassingly enough (not my fault, it's because of my busted wrist) and I don't feel that the kind people at Grobet should be putting on film I didn't buy there, I bought an Agfa Click 1 on ebay.
The Agfa Click 1 is also a vintage medium format camera by Agfa (obviously) but unlike the Isola, there's no issue getting a roll on there (usually).

I certainly got the first roll on without trouble! And as you can see from the first photo with this post, I even figured out double exposure (which my Isola doesn't do). I'm mainly going to use this as my camera on which I load film I didn't buy at Grobet. And for double exposure and traveling with. I'm pretty protective of my Isola, and whilst I don't mind taking it on car and train trips, the thought of subjecting it to airport security and the carry on luggage gives me stress.


Like the first photo, this one was taken at the Antwerp Stadsfeestzaal. It's not that the Click takes darker photos than the Isola, it's just that it was a much darker day.

Antwerp Central Station

Speaking of taking photos when it's a dark day. I still like it though. This is inside Antwerp Central station.


These sheep have been moved now, so for the forseeable future, I won't bother you guys with pictures of them again ;)


autumn is here


Autumn in black and white.

I had zero issues putting on my roll of Kodak T-MAX 100. I had zero issues taking off said roll of Kodak T-MAX 100. So when I took my first roll of Lomography color negative 400 ISO out of the package, I expected another zero problem film.
Boy was I wrong...
Kodak film doesn't unroll in your hands when you break the seal or take it out of the camera. Lomo film does. So my first Lomo film lost some photos due to light damage, and you can even see it a little bit on the last photo.
I decided that, seeing it was probably fubarred (I was pleasantly surprised it wasn't quite as bad as I expected) I was going to take photos of Loa. Who of course didn't really sit still.
Even though this is a 400 ISO film, I don't think it actually behaves like one, which is a shame. I think that if the next roll (which is still on the Click) comes out just like this one, I won't buy Lomo film for 120mm again, and instead stick with film they have at Grobet, even though that's pricier (this was about € 11 for 3 rolls).
Wait and see I suppose. Have some pictures of Loa being a dork in the mean while.

Loa is a silly cat

Loa is a silly cat

Loa is a silly cat

Loa is a silly cat