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Analog baby! Petri 7s part 2 #35mm #shootfilm #filmisnotdead - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Analog baby! Petri 7s part 2 #35mm #shootfilm #filmisnotdead [Dec. 3rd, 2015|03:23 pm]
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I think that at this point it's safe to say that the likeliness of me becoming friends with my dad's old Petri is as big a chance as Sok and Loa suddenly becoming besties or Shinto mellowing up to the point where she's not a grouchy scaly bitch (I love my iguana dearly but her personality is FOUL most of the time) so much. I do like it, but half the time the light meter doesn't work, and when it doesn't, it just screws up the entire picture. So I think I'll stick to other cameras I enjoy shooting with a lot more.

By the way the reason that Sok looks so sad in that photo is because Loa was out and about, and he disturbed Sok's meal of donated kibble (he's not our cat but we feed him anyway).
He's very jealous of Loa, and it's clear he would like nothing more than to be a spoiled inside cat as well. I'd take him in, if I couldn't get into legal trouble over it (which sadly I can) and if Sok would get along with Shinto and Loa (which he doesn't).

Sok does not approve of Loa much

Point in case about the not getting along. He just hisses at Loa, and sometimes meows angrily or twack Loa on the head without his claws out. But I'm pretty sure that if I weren't around he'd beat Loa up. Into a bloody pulp :(


Loa (obviously I changed the water in that little bowl after I was done taking photos!).



field and sky





random street

random street

And some random photos I took whilst wandering around with my camera :)
Because why not :)