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Feeding mass hysteria, fear mongering & providing a false sense of security in the #EU / #politics - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Feeding mass hysteria, fear mongering & providing a false sense of security in the #EU / #politics [Nov. 27th, 2015|10:08 am]
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So yesterday Bert and I went to Roubaix, in France, to see ADAMS.
We had expected there to be border patrols between Belgium and France, but because the passage between that part of Belgium and that part of France is small, there was zero police presence. So no border patrol. Which was great, because the sun was really low, which meant we didn't make good time getting to Roubaix and it was rather later than we would have liked.
BUT considering they are still looking for several terror suspects and are kicking privacy in the teeth all over the place, a serious security faux pas, because it makes it VERY easy to travel between the countries if you have bad intentions on the mind.

Bert wasn't too stoked about going to Roubaix, but I wanted to do some Christmas shopping in places we don't have over here before the gig.

Imagine my surprise at their in(s)ane security.
We parked in the usual secured parking facility, where life seemed to be going on as usual (as if there hadn't been a terrorist attack in Paris on the 13th, and as if there hadn't been a frontpage robbery in Roubaix earlier that week).
We entered the mall via the parking, as usual, and instantly get barked at by a security guard DEMANDING that we open our bags.
Beg pardon...
1. This is something a lot of people don't know, but ONLY law enforcement (outside airports obviously) can actually MAKE you open your bags. Security is allowed to make a request, but they can't actually make you open your bags.
2. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK. Do they REALLY think they will stop terrorist attacks by barking and checking the bags of random people shopping?
Seriously? If they really do the they are more retarded then I thought.

What really pissed me off, was not just the bag check (which I can at least understand to some degree, even though I do NOT agree with it) but the fact that people aren't even allowed to ask questions. We get our rights violated left, right and center, but no, you don't get to actually ask any questions or stand up for your rights.

Also: they have security checking bags at the entrance from the parking lot, and the main entrance. But you can enter through Furet du Nord bookstore via another street and there is ZERO security and NO bag check.
You can enter via another parking lot entrance and go via the top level of the mall, down the escalator and they won't ask you to check your bag either.
Then why the hell bother in the first place?
To give the huddled and vapid masses that can't actually make the realisation that "hey, our rights are being fucked with" a false sense of security, that's why.

Some other stores, like Sephora, also had a bag check when you entered, but at least their security was really kind, and it was obvious that he HATED bothering people, he pretty much outright admitted so it was just "to make shoppers feel safe". But still, the only respons I have to this crap is: I will go shopping elsewhere and will just show up in time for the gig next time, because I value my rights, thank you very much.

And before someone that clearly should excercise their brain more often goes "what, do you have something to hide?"
No, I do NOT have anything to hide.
I do NOT participate in illegal activities.
BUT I am entitled to my privacy, I have RIGHTS. And I am not about to agree with those rights being violated just because a few fucktards decided to commit crimes and/or acts of terrorism.

At least at Bar Live, where the concert was happening, the security wasn't being a dick. He was very friendly and asked to check bags, but he was being clear about it that it was because he was expected to, not because he expected something to happen. I'm pretty sure he realised that the people that were there, were there to enjoy the band performing (which everyone did), and nothing else.

What I did appreciate was that the group of police and military that was patrolling wasn't there to strike THE FEAR OF GOD into people. They were clearly there to reassure people, and they made themselves approachable. I saw several people with questions go up to them, and they took the time to talk to them, in a calm and friendly manner. And they didnt feel too good to greet people in the street either.
I'm pretty sure THEIR presence will actually make people that are scared feel better, but I'm 100% certain that the bag checks aren't doing much good, if any.
Sure, they may placate some of the more vapid elements of the population, but they serve and amount to NOTHING.
The bags aren't even properly checked, they just kinda look inside in a half assed way. You can just burry weaponry or whatever at the bottom and put some stuff on top and walk in with them.
They don't do any kind of body search (which really is NOT allowed unless executed by law enforcement btw, again with exception of airports) so people can strap whatever dangerous things to their bodies and walk in with them.

It's creating a false sense of security for a vast minority, and simply adding to the mass hysteria by utter and total fear mongering. And that's exactly the EU politician's game, they WANT people to be scared, they WANT them to stop asking questions when their rights are violated, and they WANT them to roll over when personal rights and privacy are taken away. It's increadibly saddening that the result of a terrorist attack isn't a proper united front against terrorism, but a united front against civil rights and privacy.

I can't speak much for France other than what I experienced in Roubaix, but in Belgium politicians like Michel and Jambon are really grabbing the opportunity with both hands to turn this into a dictatorial police state. Which is a whole other form of extremism that isn't ok at all, but apparently, when you are a politician, it's ok to be a fundamentalist extremist whackjob.