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Yesterday and today's photos [Nov. 18th, 2015|07:36 pm]
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Photo of the day: 17.11.2015 (day 321)

Photo of the day: 17.11.2015 (day 321)
Shopping from Japan, thanks to my awesome shopping service :)
The Tsum Tsums are mine, the stamps are my mum's :) I'm keeping the Disney flyer but I'm giving the samples to my friend Gaëtane :)

Photo of the day: 18.11.2015 (day 322)

Photo of the day: 18.11.2015 (day 322)
My Agfa Click with it's first finished roll (the Kodak) and the new roll (the Lomography).
I'm not expecting anything from the Lomo roll, and I am definitely never buying Lomography 120mm film ever again.
Kodak rolls are easy to load, they stay together nicely, it's all good.
Lomography rolls however, start unrolling instantly the second you break the seal so you can load the film into the camera. So I'm pretty sure that my film has some light damage, I'm just hoping it's not completely ruined, but I'm fearing the worst. Seriously, not cool Lomography, NOT cool.
I think I'll just invest in a 5 pack of Kodak Ektar next, sure it's more expensive, but at least it won't get ruined before I take a first shot!
Lomography film can be as cute as it wants with the encouragement printed on the back and the adorable packaging, but they would better have spent the cash it cost them to make the film pretty to make the film not unrolling like crazy like Kodak did.