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Unboxing and preliminary (I only got it today) review of the Polaroid SNAP - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Unboxing and preliminary (I only got it today) review of the Polaroid SNAP [Nov. 12th, 2015|09:02 pm]
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Unboxing Polaroid SNAP

This story, much like any tale, has a beginning. It begins last year around my birthday, when my friend Babs gifted me with her old Polaroid PoGo printer and a bunch of Zink sticker paper she had lying around. I LOVED that printer, it was awesome, and epic and the best thing that Polaroid ever came up with. And then the battery died, and it turns out they are no longer in production. Much sadness.
So I was left with a PoGo with a dead battery and tons (because I bought some extra myself) Zinc paper.
Le fail.
I looked into the Polaroid Z2300, but I found it too expensive.
I didn't even bother looking into the Polaroid Socialmatic when that came out, because that REALLY is overpriced.
And then, leafing through last month's Mediamarket magazine, I discovered the Polaroid SNAP.

Normally I am principally against buying Polaroid, as generally the either stop manufacturing parts and/or film, eventually leaving you with a camera or printer you can't use anymore, but the SNAP appealed to me in more than one way. (And admittedly this was a present from my dad).
- its an instant camera
- it makes digital back-ups of your photos
- it has a photobooth option (although mine does 2 photos per page rather than the advertised 4, and I really do think that the 4 is a misprint because the photos really are too small to be split in 4)
- it's a glorified toy camera

It's still not cheap a € 115 (shipping with UPS included), but it's fun. And I have so many "serious" cameras that I can do with some fun.
I would NEVER abandon my Fuji instax mini 90 NEO CLASSIC in favor for the SNAP though.

Anyway: to the unboxing!

Unboxing Polaroid SNAP

Unboxing Polaroid SNAP

Unboxing Polaroid SNAP

micro SD + Polaroid SNAP

I bought my microSD card via coolblue.be, because I had a PayPal coupon for that site, and ended up paying € 9,99 (shipping included) for 16 gig. The max to fit in the SNAP is double that, but because I don't even fill up 16 gig in my DSLR, it seemed excessive to get 32 for the SNAP.

The box includes: the camera, a realy flimsy wriststrap (which I am not using because it's white, and useless), USB cable (you're expected to charge it via your computer, but I have a socket plug for devices like this so I just charge it like that instead), and a little image sheet that passes for a manual. The actual manual isn't included, but you can dowload the pdf online.
That's it, no Zink paper, no microUSB card (although that last was to be expected).
Seriously, it's worse than Lomography, at least they include the manual.
The camera is better than Lomo ones though.

So of course I plugged it in for a while, charging it enough to test it.
Now, my Zink paper is ancient, expired style ancient, so I get sepia prints without setting it to sepia. This isn't an issue with my camera, it's an issue with my paper. Am I bothered by this, eh, a little, but it seems a waste to throw out 50+ sheets.
I'll probably just set the camera to sepia and black & white 'till I'm through that stash :)

Here are some digital photos I took with itHere are some digital photos I took with it, I editted them a little, like I do with nearly all my photos. It's a reasonably sized format for a 10MP camera. It has a soft fill in flash, which means it won't blind anyone, it won't overlight your photos, but it also means that this camera is at it's best in clear, natural light. So basically: use in rooms with loads of natural light or outside during daylight hours. You can't turn off the flash, but unlike the cheaper models of instax cameras, the flash won't cause your photos to be utterly overlighted on a bright day.

Spot Sok in this photo of Loa

Sok's photobomb is genius.

Loa and Sok



Autumn leaves

Autumn leaves


In conclusion (in my opinion at least):

- lots of fun
- easy to use
- a nice variety of options
- digital backup
- the photos are also stickers
- if you don't have Zink paper, it'll just take digital photos
- printing is actually quite fast
- good hold, it fits well in the hand, which makes it pleasant to photograph with
- lightweight and compact
- because each photo has a digital copy, you don't have to bother scanning your instant photos afterwards

- printing takes it out on the battery
- it activates super easily, so you need to carry it in a sturdy bag or wrapper that keeps it from starting up in your bag
- store it away from other devices, because it's battery is internal, which means that to get at it, you'll need to completely take your camera apart
- the quality isn't the greatest (but it's essentially a toy camera and only 10mp, so no surprise there)
- it's probably as fragile as it looks, so do NOT drop it
- you can't reproduce more Zink prints of a photo, either you print it when you take it, or you have it printed via a different printing service as a regular photo (or you don't have it printed at all).
- photos blur very easily, so you need to make sure your subject is perfectly still
- you need to leave enough time between photos, or they will be (partially) blurry
- Zink paper isn't nearly as available as instax paper, and in a lot of places it's quite expensive (you can find it really affordable online if you look hard enough though). And he infamous 100 sheets for $ 25 is a fable from the US, because over here you'll easily pay € 20+ for 30 sheets if you stick to the usual shops (FNAC, MediaMarkt, Coolblue, Bol, etc).

I guess this is another attempt of Polaroid to compete with Fujifilm's very succesful istax range, and Lomography's Lomo'Instant (although I have no idea why anyone would want to buy that crap), but to be honest, whilst this is a really fun camera and I do enjoy using it, it's not a threat to instax at all. To Lomo maybe, but not instax.

[User Picture]From: countlibras
2015-11-15 01:53 am (UTC)
Sounds like a fun toy, but it sounds like the Cons outweigh the Pros.
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[User Picture]From: kittensandsteam
2015-11-15 09:58 am (UTC)
Yeah that's pretty much to each their own. I can imagine that a lot of people don't think the cons are bad enough to keep them from buying it, whilst others will give it a miss because of them :)
I just figured I'd do a little write up because there's not much to be found about it online yet.
I think Polaroid is once again shooting themselves in the foot with the price though, if they made it the same price as the cheaper instax cameras, a lot more people would go for it because of the digital backups.
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