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Monsanto 1 - EU 0, sadly - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Monsanto 1 - EU 0, sadly [Nov. 12th, 2015|07:28 pm]
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Earlier this year the World Health Organisation (WHO) publicly stated that glyphosate, the main composit of Monsanto's infamous RoundUp pesticide/herbicide toxic waste, probably, very likely, causes cancer.
Sensible people with a working brain rejoiced all over the globe.

Now of course, Monsanto was less than pleased with this statement and what it did for their general sales, shares and reputation. Clearly the WHO wasn't going to change their mind, and in the EU several countries were starting to forbid the use of glyphosate. Some, like The Netherlands, forbade them for consumers only, but some, like France, forbade them full stop. Vive la France!

So what does the EU, cesspool of corruption and politicians who have pockets lined with Monsanto bribes do?
They put together a panel of specialists, one of the main spokespeople being a professor from the KUL university, a university heavily sponsored by Monsanto (remember that GMO potatofield incident from a couple of years ago? KUL and Monsanto. People consuming regular meals at student restaurant ALMA should seriously start to worry about the amount of illegal GMOs they've been eating), and that panel now decided, for the EU, that glyphosate in fact, probably, does NOT cause cancer. But we should keep a keen eye on glyphosate in the food chain anyway because you know: possible health risks... (the irony of that particular statement probably doesn't fly past the keen reader of this post).
Because you know, you could get kidnee damage.
Clearly cancer: a-ok. Kidnee damage, not so much.
Frankly I think NEITHER are ok, but that may just be me, because you know, I'm not on Monsato's payroll.

Basically, once again, Monsanto has managed to get politicians and assorted that make decisions over the EU to use Monsanto approved propaganda to rule in their favor.
Because EU democracy is clearly full of corruption all around, rather than objective people that make the decisions for the good of us all, rather than for the good of big coorporations coming from the Evil Empire (aka the USA).
And let's, whilst we're at it, instead of trying to put a stop against this kind of crap, get in bed with them via the most vicious and EU life destroying "free" trade agreement (instant EU enslavement agreement would be the corrrect term) known as TTIP.

Of course, Belgian politicians are so engrossed with filling their own pockets rather than to overhaul our energy system and get rid of those incredibly dangerous nuclear power plants (Doel and Tihange are full of cracks in the reactors and there was an explosion which no one seemed to want to talk about no less than 2 weeks ago at Doel). So basically if Monsanto and other USA companies don't do us in, the nuclear meltdown that is just an accident waiting to happen will. At this point in time it's just placing bets on which will be the downfall of Europe first.

For the record, my issue is not with Americans in general, it's with the US coorporations trying to ruin the globe, fuck people over, and destroy our way of life with crap like TTIP.