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Analog baby! Medium format is love! (Agfa Isola 1 - part 1) #filmisnotdead #120mm - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Analog baby! Medium format is love! (Agfa Isola 1 - part 1) #filmisnotdead #120mm [Nov. 5th, 2015|04:57 pm]
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Spot Pluisje

So my favourite camera must be my Agfa Isola 1. Ever since I used it to shoot a roll in Disneyland Paris last September, I have been in love with this dinky little wonder from the late 1950s. I just wish it would be easier to load, because with my bad wrist, this has been a task executed by the kind employees of Grobet's analog departement (thank you guys, you rock!).

It's not a hard camera to shoot with, but it has it's quirks. Like: it may say "1,5m - 2m" but in reality it means "nothing under 2m or it'll be blurry". But of course, once you figure those out, it's all good :)

Anyway, this is the second roll of film I shot with it, if you scroll down a little in this flickr set, you can see the first roll's results</a> as well.
I'm still using Kodak T-MAX 100 film.

Bert and Loa

Bert walking Loa

Bert walking Loa in the family field. Yes we walk our cat. He's very good at it, better than most dogs in fact.


Sok, one of next door's cats.

Spot Pluisje

Granted, taking a photo of a white cat (Pluisje) in front of a white door may not have been the best plan I ever had, but I like it anyway ^^.

Jos has the biggest lens

Jos, showing off his enormous telelens on his own vintage Canon camera.

Shinto is a lousy model

Lousy model is lousy...


I love how the Antwerp Stadsfeestzaal immediately looks like it's in a different era through the lens of my Isola.


I've gotten quite good at getting shots of Lora with her eyes open on the SLR, but clearly on analog I need to pay more attention (she has her eyes closed in photos a LOT).

Note to self: Isola is not suitable for selfies

I knew that taking a selfie with the Isola was probably a lousy idea, but I wanted to give it a shot anyway. This is probably the reason why they didn't do selfies in the 1950s :)

[User Picture]From: countlibras
2015-11-10 02:02 pm (UTC)
omg I miss doing analog b&w photography. I might go back to it, but right now I'm doing a lot of sewing related things.

Do you live near Antwerp? I visited maybe 5 years ago? I loved it and really want to go back.
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[User Picture]From: kittensandsteam
2015-11-10 02:09 pm (UTC)
Sewing is awesome too! I haven't in a while, but only because I ran out of room for more clothes, oops!

I don't really live that close to Antwerp, but I can get there easy enough and I really like that town so yeah :)
Antwerp is awesome :)

I never shoot black and white digital, because I feel like digital rarely does black and white justice. I very rarely convert a colour photo to greyscale afterwards, but I'm quite happy to buy black and white film for my analog cameras. In fact, I prefer black and white for both my Samsung and my Agfa.

You can just NOT get that grainy film noir style without 35mm Ilford Delta 3200 I feel.
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[User Picture]From: countlibras
2015-11-10 03:13 pm (UTC)
Yes! Digital b&w just doesn't feel right.

I have a neglected Minolta CLE. Maybe I'll go back to photography next semester and lose my days hiding in a dark room.
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