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analog baby! - Samsung Slim Zoom 115A Panorama, part 2 #filmisnotdead #35mm - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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analog baby! - Samsung Slim Zoom 115A Panorama, part 2 #filmisnotdead #35mm [Oct. 30th, 2015|12:52 pm]
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Loa is up to no good

On the 15th, I tried to load my action sampler, which didn't really go very well. So fearing for one roll, I slapped into my Samsung Slim Zoom, mainly because I was curious to see what crappy film would come out like in a good camera. It was an experiment. I like Hema's Super SR 200 film, but mainly because it is cheap (€ 7,50 for three rolls) and comes with free development. I can literally shoot 36 photos for € 2,50. That makes it ideal as "test film" and film for the acton sampler (which is so shit it doesn't deserve better film).
In the end I did get my action sampler loaded, but this post isn't about that roll (it's not finished and still on the camera anyway).

On Saturday, the 17th we went to Antwerp, and I shot a bunch of photos. Some of these are light damaged, because on the 24th I wanted to take some analog shots and had an accident. I had wrapped the strap (it's a cord basically) around my wrist, but loosely. At that point my wrist blocked, my hand froze up and the camera fell. Quite badly, because it opened up and the bit that basically keeps it closed snapped. I cried. A LOT. I've had that camera since 1996 so needless to say, I'm quite attached by it. We managed to get the roll off (thankfully it was a Hema one so negatives would at least be free, I was hoping I could at least salvage SOME photos) and then Bert managed to convince it to accept another Hema roll so we could check whether or not that would be light damaged. Turns out, only the first few photos were. Because I couldn't bare the thought of being without a Samsung Slim Zoom Camera, I went on ebay (because other sites came up blank) and in the days that followed, bought both a Samsung Slim Zoom 115S Panorama (the model that came out after mine) and another 115A. I don't even care if that one works or not, because seeing only the hatch is damaged, I can always use the "new" one for spare parts. I'm sure that the clever people at Grobet know how to deal with fixing mine if presented with spare parts.

But yeah, those are the misadventures in analog land, which hopefully will be solved once the new cameras arrive, which will hopefully be next week *fingers crossed*.

Photos from the film with light damage.
Thursday, October 15.

Loa is up to no good

time to load the action sampler

The colour of that shirt is sadly not exactly that. I wish it was! But it's brighter in real life.

I hate loading the action sampler XD

I HATE loading the action sampler. None of my other 35mm cameras put up that much of a fight against film XD

Loa on the sofa

Saturday, October 17.

Jens showing off his new geek tee

Jens, proprietor of Mekanik Strip, showing off his new geek tee.

Building detail

Building detail

I actually like the light damage effect on this photo, it is a happy coincident. Now I really want a roll of Revolog Kolor. Or several.

Halloween decor at Somers Optiek

This is sadly too much damage. Too bad too because those were hella cool horror cats :(

And that was the end of that roll.

So now the test roll after the drop.

Saturday, October 24


Loa steals my water, all the time ><

Loa is up to no good

random photo to see if the panorama function isn&apos;t broken

Sunday, October 25.
We walked to the semi-local Sunday market. It's not nearby, but we don't mind walking :)


See, I live in the middle of nowhere.

Street in town

The local arty farty bookshop

The local arty farty bookstore.

fruit & vegetable truck

chickens for sale

I always feel really bad for the animals at the market, even though most seem perfectly at ease, but it can't be fun being cooped up in such small cages :(

Local Sunday market

2nd hand books stand

2nd hand books stand

Local Sunday market

Hot orange juice stand

Local Sunday market

leaves, leaves everywhere

Local Sunday market

Autumn is here


cat in the bushes

construction in progress

cloudy sky

Seriously, I don't even know how this cloud shot happened!