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So the @NMBS wants to make taking the train even more expensive... - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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So the @NMBS wants to make taking the train even more expensive... [Oct. 23rd, 2015|10:47 am]
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... of all the stupid things to say.

It's not just the ticket raise their CEO suggests that is rubbing me the wrong way but the fact he claims that tickets are "ridiculously cheap" (as reported by Metro yesterday).
Ridiculously cheap?
Nearly € 10 for a weekday trip to Antwerp, which is a half an hour (ish) journey.
€ 10 flat for a weekday trip to Louvain for a 40ish minute journey.
Nearly € 6 and € 7 during the weekend.
That is NOT cheap.

Here's a kicker. It costs € 8+ in the weekend for me to take the train to Hasselt. My friend Joke and I carpooled that once, parked on a free parking lot (every city has them, you just need to be willing to walk) and each paid about € 2,50. That's LESS than what ONE person would pay on the train for us combined.

And yet he is convinced that with more modern trains and internet on the trains Cornu (the NMBS CEO) will get people to abandon their cheaper cars for the train.
Sure you may get stuck in traffic, but it's not like the NMBS is so terribly trustworthy.

This kind of ridiculous statements by the NMBS CEO are made with one reason: the government wants them to cut back costs.
They won't be cutting back costs where they need to, no, they'll just up the cost for the traveler, much to the traveler's expensive.
The already shit customer service (or non existent, remember that accident I had back in April due to faulty infastructure? NMBS refuses to take responsibility due to bogus reasons, I'm left with permanent damage to my left eye, which can only be solved by some extreme surgery that the social security likely isn't paying for because my eyesight isn't bad enough.) Expect shit like that to happen non stop, because you know, there won't be cash to fix things, it's not like that's their fault *sarcasm*.
People in small(er) towns aren't suddenly going to get better connections (probaby the contrary).
Don't expect trains to become more timely, don't expect the personel to do their jobs better, oh and definitely don't expect the strikes to stop, because the way they are going, things are no doubt going to get worse rather than better.

This is all just a set up from some politicians with "certain interests" (I'm curious whether that one NVA rep on the NMBS case is going to start rightfighting at me again [yes this has happened before] in an attempt to shut me up [FIY, I'm not going to, so spend your time doing actual work]) to get the privatising of the NMBS pushed through.

Just a sidenote to politicians and some CEOs, TTIP isn't here yet (and hopefully NEVER will be), so stop acting like it's been a signed and done deal. This is NOT the US, stop acting like it is.