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Disneyland Paris Day 2 (France holiday part 4) - Sunday 27.9.2015 - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Disneyland Paris Day 2 (France holiday part 4) - Sunday 27.9.2015 [Oct. 19th, 2015|10:48 am]
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After a good night's sleep (hurrah) that was sadly far too short (boo!) we got up at 6am to get ready for our second (and last, sniff!) day in the parks.

We packed our last things and made sure to arrive at Chuck o Wagon for 7am breakfast. There weren't many people around, and no CMs, so I ended up depositing my breakfast card along with our hotel keys :) I figured that it'd end up making it's way where it belongs that way too ^^

Because Hotel Cheyenne is due for a total overhaul (can't call that a refurb anymore) I decided to snap some photos of the room, even though it was still dark out and the light was shoddy. Better this than nothing!

bathroom wallpaper

Inside the hotel room

Inside the hotel room

We nommed breakfast

some food at breakfast

I ate more, but I gave up photo taking after this one shot ^^

without much incident (bar one dude who flipped out over my outfit, but I don't want to get into it, mainly because that sort of bullshit doesn't deserve more attention than a mere mention), Bert had a lot of coffee (probably for the best considering Starbucks' opening hours), walked through the Village

Café Mickey

and we ended up arriving at the park gates at about 7.50. And they were open!

The parks are very near now!

The day before they opened up too late, today they opened up too early, which was fine, because I could take some more photos :)

Disneyland Hotel

There was literally NO queue for Goofy and Pluto, just two people before us. So Bert suggested I should have my photo taken with them because I like having my photo taken with Goofy. Just as we arrived the people before us were leaving, so there really was NO wait. Seems like everyone runs to meet Mickey + Minnie and Donald, who do have quite the queues, but Pluto + Goofy and then Chip + Dale are largely left ignored 'till later into EMH. We didn't meet Chip and Dale again, as we met them the day before.

Meeting Pluto and Goofy

I did take more photos on Main Street

Halloween at Town Square

Halloween at Town Square

Halloween at Town Square

Mickey Mouse balloons

before heading to Buzz Lightyear again. I only won because Bert's blaster wasn't properly responsive. It's not just him saying that because he lost, I saw him aim it properly, the red dot clearly indicated he had target, and then the score just didn't appear most of the time. He really legit would have won if he had a properly working blaster (fair is fair!).

Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast

Bert also took another photo of me at Nautilus, for posing at Nautilus is tradition (like sticking my head in Rex' mouth whenever I'm in the Studios or pose at the umbrella, but more about that later).

me in front of the Nautilus

I also took some more photos around Discoveryland.

Café Hyperion

Café Hyperion

Photo of the day: 27.9.2015 (day 270)

Because I had missed out on the tea cups the day before, we went in them today, huzzah!
Bert insisted on turing the cup, and I insisted on a purple one, because the crazy fast mach 5 ones are a yellow and a pink one. Can't get trapped in a mach 5 teacup if it's a purple one!

5 minutes to spinning teacups



Mad Hatter

I had wanted to go inside Sleeping Beauty Gallery up in the castle, which I hadn't done in years, so EMH was as good a time as any because it wasn't as crowded as it undoubtedly would become later in the day :)

The uninvited

smite the incomptent

Putting everyone to sleep

Fighting Maleficent

We also went up on the castle balcony, I nearly fell down the stairs going back down (typical). Bert was really worried that I was hurt, but I was fine, thankfully :) Trip to 1st aid succesfully avoided (ironically, I slipped down several stairs, twisted my ankle and was utterly fine, it hurt for like a minute and Bert just twisted his ankle on his work's parking lot two days ago and he sprained it, that's just typical).

View from the castle balcony

View from the castle balcony

owl detail

We had a look around Merlin L'Enchanteur, I love the clockpunk and Da Vinci style decor of that shop!

flying machine

Merlin l'Enchanteur

Merlin l'Enchanteur

The main entrance to La Tanière du dragon was closed, but the side ones weren't, so we went in via one of those.
I used Bert's camera to film the dragon, as the battery of mine was dying slowly.

Before leaving for the Studios Park we popped into the Emporium, where I bought the postcards I wanted to get for my nieces. Because postcars weigh nothing and thus aren't a bother, and because the Emporium gets super crowded as the day goes. It was pretty bad at 9.40ish as it was XD

Princess postcards

We had originally agreed with our friends that we would meet up with them at the Studios at 9.55, but when we got there, the gates were already open and people were already getting in. Several rides had already opened as well (Crush, Tower and Ratatouille), ahead of allotted time, resulting in queues FROM HELL. Before official opening time.

yes, that really is the queue for Ratatouille at 10.10 am in the morning...

So I texted Babs saying we were going to go straight to Ratatouille. A nice CM informed me that we had to join the fast pass queue with disability passes, so we went in.
Ratatouille was AMAZING! Really, REALLY amazing, so well done!
Bert loved it too, he said it's the best ride in the entirety of both parks. I wouldn't go quite that far as I love Les Mystères du Nautilus, Star Tours and Big Thunder Mountain more, but I really did love this one too!
Our friends had only just arrived at the fast pass queue when we got out, so we all went in again (Lora has a disability pass too, because like me, she has serious health issues, just different ones).


We had a look in Chez Marianne, but didn't buy anything. It's a really lovely store, but it doesn't really sell anything you can't find anywhere else really.

Chef Duffy

After that we got fast pass tickets for Tower of Terror (well some of us did, as not everyone can ride Tower due to health reasons)

Wait 50 minutes for Terror

and we went on Studios Tram Tour.
I wasn't in a good spot to take photos so I don't actually have more than one from this time.

Studios Tram Tour

When we got out of the tram, we went our separate ways because the others wanted to go in Armageddon

Armageddon vehicle

and Bert and I wanted to meet Spider-Man. We also wanted to go in Cinemagique, but because the friendly CM outside said we simply had to show up 15 minutes in advance we gave it a miss because I was feeling pretty feint and standing wouldn't agree with me.

Seeing we were going to Backlot, and Tower Hotel Gifts is one of my fave stores, of course we had to go in.

Tower of Terror Stitch

Oogie Boogie seems well pleased with something

Look at how jolly that Oogie Boogie is!

On the way to Spider-Man we passed by the umbrella, so Bert took my photo. And suddenly this guy shows up, and starts snapping photos too, just because of the way I was dressed. Serioulsy, URGH! I hate that SO much. We get crap like that all the time at J-fashion meets, and I had hoped that people in DLP would be more openminded and less douchy, but apparently not.
(That was the second person that day, I dread to think how people must flip at proper Japanese fashion styles, rather than at a casual steampunk outfit).

Outfit: 27.9.2015

Hair flower: H&M
Hairband: H&M
Glasses: Theo
Scarf: taobao seller
Jacket: ebay seller
Bag: vintage
Gelatoni (cat head) purse: Tokyo Disney Sea
Camera: Fuji instax mini 90 NEO CLASSIC
Skirt: made it myself
Tights: Teja Jamilla
Socks: asos
Boots: Sacha

I _really_ wanted to meet Spider-Man, because I grew up watching Spider-Man cartoons on TV (I still watch them given half the chance) and he was the first Marvel superhero I really got into. So for nostalgia reasons, I had to go and meet him :)
At his meet and greet they had a little waiting area for people with a disability pass, with a bench, huzzah!
We didn't have to wait long, and Spider-Man was really cool. Of course, my camera decided to act up in the low light circumstances because the lens was so broken, so Bert had to swap out for his. Spider-Man and I were joking that that just ALWAYS happens, and he totally agreed that he knew how it is, being a photographer as well and all that. The CM taking photos was luckily very understanding. She even offered to take a photo of Bert and I with Spider-Man, but we really felt that we had taken up too much time faffing about with our camera fail and that just wasn't fair on others waiting in the queue. So that's something we can look forward doing next time (if Spider-Man is still around at least, but hopefully he, or another cool Marvel character, personally I'm hoping for Thor, will be).

Meeting Spider-Man

Bert and Spider-Man

Café des Stars was right next doors, and we were a bit hungry (Bert more than me) so we popped in. And right behind us the others appeared too :) So we all grabbed (utterly overpriced) lunch together :)


I normally don't drink Round-up laced Monsanto juice, but sometimes when I'm out and my sugar levels are too low I have no choice XD.

I took some photos of Agnes and Jannes,

Agnes and Jannes

and Bert took photos of Iron Man stuff.
The Iron Man stuff is a VAST improvement over the High School Musical crap they had before (no offense to the fans intended, I just never got into it, at all).

Iron Man

Originally we wanted to join the others for another go on Ratatouille, but the queue was NOT moving and we were going to leave the parks at 3 pm, and I really REALLY wanted to go on Thunder again. So Bert said we should get out of the queue and go take a photo with Rex and then go to Thunder. Of course, once we got out it got moving, and I said we could go back in as our friends were still in it, but he said we should do what we had originally planned.

Ratatouille fountain

Gusteau bridge

So we saw Rex.

Rex, you need to visit the dentist my friend!

Popped in a few stores on the way out.


Christmas plushies

*Interlude* and here are a bunch of random photos I took at the Studios Park :)

Inside Out

Walt Disney Studios Park tile

Cheshire Cat banner

Ice Cream van

Buzz Lightyear

And made our way back to the Disneyland Park!


Main Street Station

I have been to the Halloween season so many times I had totally forgotten that there are stained glass windows in the train station, as those are always covered by Halloween banners during the season. Totally regret I didn't take my regular analog camera with me, because with it's panoram option I'd easily had gotten the entire station in! (I know this for a fact, because I did it last year).

Where it was strangely quite a bit warmer than in the Walt Disney Studios Park, go figure. Luckily my kanken big backpack is HUGE so I could easily dump my coat in it :)

We got to go straight on Thunder, and just as we got seated and pulled down the safety bar, we had to get out again because it broke down (so apparently it takes about a day and half for Thunder to give the middle finger if it's turned on full speed for the full track). Some people were giving the CMs grief about it, which I thought was very much not on because 1. It is NOT their fault. 2. They were being nothing but nice to people, even giving fast passes to people that had to unload so they could hopefully come back and do the ride later. We made it very clear to the CM that was telling us it broke down that we appreciated her explaining what was going on and that we did NOT in any way, shape or form held it against here. It was too bad because I had my heart set on riding Thunder again, but these things happen and at least I got to ride it twice on our first day in the park, so it's not like I totally missed out. Although I will admit I really wished we had gone in Ratatouille again at that point :) Normal reaction I'm sure!


I did take a picture of the boat as we walked back out into Thunder Mesa :)

Thunder Mesa Riverboat Landing

We walked back to Discoveryland to attempt Nautilus, which again had a massive queue. So we went for some more picture taking instead.

Les Mystères du Nautilus

Les Mystères du Nautilus

Les Mystères du Nautilus

Café Hyperion

Café Hyperion

Before walking back to Frontierland, because I wanted to take some more photos of Phantom Manor. I don't want to go in it again before it gets refurbed, but I LOVE the look of the building so I like taking photos of it.

Phantom Manor

I like that this is totally overlighted, it gives the manor a ghostly atmosphere I think ^^

Phantom Manor

Phantom Manor

And I took some more Halloween photos too, of course :)

Halloween in Frontierland

Halloween in Frontierland

Pumpkin Man

After that, it was time to shop before we had to leave :)

So first we went into La Boutique du Château in Fantasyland, where I got a Cheshire Cat ornament for myself (I had regretted not buying it the year before, and luckily they still had some in a few shops) and a Minnie Mouse ornament for Bert's nan. She loves them, so whenever we go to DLP and they have new ones out, we bring her back one :)
On Main Street I bought a Marie Tsum Tsum for my eldest niece and a Lotso one for my youngest niece.
And at Boardwalk Candy Palace I got a Cheshire Cat tin (the sweets are not very nice sadly, but that's ok, I just really wanted the tin haha) and some fudge for Bert's grandma (chocolate and chocolate and mint).
We did check for Duffy and Shellie-May Tsum Tsums again in stores we passed, but no dice alas!

In any case we made it to our meeting point outside Annette's Diner before the time we agreed to meet Lora there (who was driving home with us) and I took some photos along the way.

Wild West Show sign

Annette's diner menu

Babs appeared with Lora, and we said goodbye before making our way to Earl of Sandwich where Lora and I wanted to get food for in the car (Bert didn't want to because he wasn't hungry). We each got a sandwich and dessert, although my dessert was really a brownie to give to Bert's granddad :)
And of course, my camera battery died after the picture of Lora's delicious looking dessert,

Lora's dessert

so I moved onto Bert's camera instead. Which I'm not used to but I wasn't going to let me stop that from picture taking! Babs, Agnes and Jannes had also appeared in Earl's, for the same reason as us, so we all walked back to the hotel together :)

on the way back to the car

*insert a bunch of random Hotel Cheyenne photos*



Hotel restaurant

shop sign


Hotel Cheyenne

Hotel Cheyenne buildings

I love that even the signs are on theme!

handicapped parking signno entranceno dogs allowed

Because I hadn't gotten any photos of the Calamity Jane building during daylight times, I wandered over there whilst Bert and Lora put stuff in the car to take some photos.

Calamity Jane

I also found a feather which I took home for my cat Loa, who very much appreciated the gift of feather to play with :)

feather I found

This was probably the most random thing I saw.

Random thing is random: old windows on the parking lot

On the way back we amused ourselves with plotting stuff for our next visit (Lora and me), raving about Ratatouille (Bert and Lora), eating (all of us, I shared my sandwich with Bert, who is lucky I get full massively quickly else he'd have gone hungry!) and just randomly chatting and having a good time. We dropped Lora off at home (which is pretty much on our way), drove home and got home around 8.30 pm, which was early days still, but considering we hadn't slept well at all Friday night, not enough Saturday night and had to work the next day, it was very sensible as we could get an early night and catch up on much needed sleep :)

Do I regret going during a busy weekend instead of during the first week of the Halloween season like I usually do?
Not really, because I really, really wanted to do Dapper Day at least once. And also: sure it was busy and there were a lot of people, but it also meant that there were few restaurant and ride closures, which was really good. Because it's really enjoyable to be able to choose where to eat and be able to have different foods and not just burgers, burgers and more burgers.
Also, there was already a lot of Halloween decor up, so I do feel like I got to enjoy a minimum of the season, even though I didn't get to meet Jack Skellington, Goofy Bon Bons or Marie this year, there's always 2017 and I'm hoping that for the 25th they'll do an extra effort for Halloween also :)

Of course I took many, MANY, more photos, you can check those out here :)

Because people often ask me about my cameras, for this particular trip I used:
- Agfa Isola 1 vintage camera (uses 120mm film, I used Kodak T-MAX 100)
- Canon EOS 60D with a 17-85 mm (kit) lens - this is my husband's camera.
- Canon EOS 700D with a 18-55mm (kit) lens.
- Canon PowerShot D20
- Fuji istax 90 NEO CLASSIC with regular instax mini film
- Lomography Sprocket Rocket (probably NEVER again) with HEMA 200 ISO (35mm) film

Just as a side note, I would NOT recommend Lomography cameras unless you are really good with analog photography or don't care that your photos are (a bit) crap. Most of their stuff is a rip from old Agfa cameras anyway (the Holga is the Isola and the Diana is the Isoly). And if you just really love the 120mm square photos but you're not especially passionate about analog film: get an Agfa Click :) It's easy to use, easy to load and does both colour and black and white really well (contrary to my Isola, which is firmly embedded in the age of black and white).

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