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analog baby! - Samsung Slim Zoom 115 A Panorama, part 1 - #filmisnotdead #35mm - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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analog baby! - Samsung Slim Zoom 115 A Panorama, part 1 - #filmisnotdead #35mm [Oct. 18th, 2015|07:00 pm]
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I'm going to post more of my photography on here too. Lately I've gotten back into analog photography, which is totally made possible by the fact that HEMA does cheap development into negatives and the fact Bert has bought me a really cool negatives scanner.

Camera: Samsung Slim Zoom 115 A Panorama
Film: Kodak Portra 160
I haven't been shooting a lot of film since 2004 and I just can't remember which film it was that I loved back then, so I'm on the lookout. Well I remember that I utterly adored Ilford Delta 3200 for black and white, but colour, beats me.
A lot of people seem to love Kodak Portra 160, but I'm lukewarm about it to say the least, I doubt I'll get it again.

multicoloured roses

Sunday, October 4th

Antwerp central station

Antwerp Central station.


Buskers on the Meir.


Cool clocks for sale in the Christmas shock in the Groenplaats mall.

Plants outside Dille en Kamille

Plants for sale at Dille en Kamille.

graffiti on a train

Graffiti on the train.


Bert in the car.

Friday, October 9th

Antwerp city bikes

Antwerp's bikes.

at Antwerp central station

Antwerp central station

Antwerp central station

UNIQLO billboard in Central station

UNIQLO coming to Antwerp is a big deal, even though the store opened October 2nd, there's still huge billboards up in the station. Amongst other things. It's a cool store, but omg so full of hipsters!

people returning from the big protest in Brussels

People coming back from the big protest in Brussels. Sadly it didn't change anything and politicians just ignored the thousands and thousands of people trying to get them to understand that we can't keep going on the road we're going down right now. They clearly expected trouble, considering the amount of law enforcement in the station.

Pledges in Central station

Pledges and pledge masters in the station. It's that time of year again.

Random photos

Loa playing hide and seek in the curtainsLoa playing hide and seek in the curtains

Playing hide and seek with Loa.

Loa being silly

Pluisje stuffing his face

Pluisje stuffing his face.