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Disneyland Paris - Dapper Day! (Saturday, 26.9.2015) - part 2 - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Disneyland Paris - Dapper Day! (Saturday, 26.9.2015) - part 2 [Oct. 13th, 2015|10:11 am]
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us at Dapper Day

My post was so long I had to actually go and split it in two! Oops.
Anyway, this is the part with the actual Dapper Day stuff.

Continued from part 1 (more or less the afternoon)

We decided that we were going to go into Alice's Curious Labyrinth next, and on the way we passed by Meet Mickey Mouse.

Meet Mickey Mouse

I had wanted to see the location (because several friends told me it's amazing), but seeing the queue was quite long I decided to see at least a bit of it via the disability entrance. The CM that let us in was super cheerful and also complimented us on our outfits, and said she'd love to go and dress up for Dapper Day too :)
She took us to another wait area, and that CM, well he deserves a slap. It was one of those guys that thinks he's the coolest and funniest ever. He wanted to see my camera, which I wasn't keen on because of the way he approached us (right in your personal space and just too much in your face). But against my better judgement (very much so because the lens had been a bit troublesome and needed to be taken off and set back on so it could properly reconnect) I handed it over. And he starts snapping photos of Bert, not turning the lens but WRENCHING the lens. I heard this omnious soft cracking noise to which I cringed, asked my camera back, and then it was my turn, so I didn't have time to scold the dudebro. Bert couldn't get a proper photo of Mickey and me because the lens acted up.
Guess what: the lens was BROKEN. It would freeze on the closest and furthest point and act up for everything else...
Initially we thought it was just the light, but when we checked it out later, it turned out that it was proper fubarred. So for the rest of my trip, I just did the best I could with a busted lens...
We did consider going to make a point out of it, but we both realised there was no way to prove that the CM fucked up my lens by twisting it like a mad loon, and that DLP would just fob us off so I settled for writing a letter of complaint afterwards (which I did, and of course I've yet to receive a reply, and I doubt I ever will).
Thankfully the broken lens was a kit lens, which I have twice, so I could just put the other one on when I got home, but I'm still very much pissed off about it.
Tip: if you don't get an instant "I can trust you with my camera vibe", do NOT hand it over. Just don't. I sure wish I had stuck to my gut feeling!

exit here

Alice's Curious Labyrinth had a massive queue outside of it, but when we peered in over the hedges it didn't seem overly busy, clearly the CMs were doing a great job of crowd control :)
We did get to go in immediately with my disability pass, and we spent some time taking photos and wandering around.

Forever late

Considering I was disneybounding the Cheshire Cat, the Labyrinth was the perfect spot for another outfit shot :)

Me disneybounding as the Cheshire Cat

Hair flowers: Veritas
Glasses: Theo
Cardigan: Primark
Cheshire Cat brooch on cardigan: Chocomint
Shirt: H&M
Bag: vintage
Cheshire Cat passholder: Tokyo Disney
Skirt: made it myself
Petticoat: Raven
Tights: HEMA
Boots: sacha
Umbrella: Lollipops Paris
Accessories: handmade, Fossil

The sprocket rocket still didn't want to cooperate X_x

sprocket rocket fail

But my Agfa Isola 1 did :) It's a vintage camera from the 1950s that I bought in perfect working order at the local thrift store. I paid the whole of € 2,5 for it. Yes that's right, I spend more on 120mm (medium format) film for the thing than what I spent on the actual camera.


But clearly I have to remember to change the settings from time to time, oops!

Blurry Bert

Cheshire Cat Walk

painting the roses red

Cheshire Cat

There were CMs broadcasting at people that they had to stop putting their children on top of the turrets of the castle, that was a first. And sadly it didn't really stop them from doing it either.
The labyrinth itself was fine to wander around in, and we had initially really looked forward to going up on the castle also,

Through here for the Queen of Hearts' castle!

Sadly, it's clear throughout the entire labyrinth that it needs some maintenance. It's starting to look VERY dilapidated.

Card Guard

Card Guard

but once we got into the castle, it was a crowded mess AND people were already going up on the descending stairs and such, so we opted to give it a miss after all,

fun with mirrors

and go to Discoveryland instead to ride Star Tours :)

On the way there, we saw many more characters out (the 7 dwarves, Goofy, Pluto, Gepetto and Pinocchio), again all with their own queue, which was awesome :)

At Star Tours we got in without a problem with my disability pass, and after a bit of a wait (there was something wrong with a few seats in several simulators) we got in to enjoy the ride :) I'll really miss crazy pilot Rex! I'm glad I got the see the ride again before the refurb!


Because Star Traders is the place to be for Star Wars merch, we went to have a look in there. We ended up getting some souvenir coins (Bert collects them), I got a really cool Cheshire Cat keychain. On one side he's grinning and on the other he's grinning very mischievously. And Bert bought me a Mjölnir keychain. The CM there was also really friendly. She had trouble getting the bags to open because they stuck to each other and kept on joking she needed some of Thor's strenght.

Star Traders

We also wanted to go inside Les Mystères du Nautilus, but the queue was massive, and I know how crowded and cramped it gets in that ride, so we decided against it in the end.

Les Mystères du Nautilus

Because we still had some time 'till the 4pm Disneybound group shot outside Phantom Manor, we decided to go look at our Merida photos instead, because the only photo of Bert and I with Merida was on a photocard. On our way we popped into Disney Clothiers and I again considered the Cheshire Cat tee, but took another photo instead.

T-shirt detail

Photo of the day: 26.9.2015 (day 269)

We didn't really know which store was Ribbons and Bows, so we opted for Flora's to see our photos, where the queue did not move and the system just plain old SUCKED. It would be much more practical to have a system where people can just go to a machine, scan their card, look at their photos, indicate which photos they want to buy, and whether they want a special frame with them (and which frame), get a printed receipt stating all that and then just go pay for the lot and get their stuff handed over to them. Sure they'd have to queue twice, but at least the queues would MOVE!
Had we known that Ribbons and Bows was the old baby stuff shop that has been turned into an apparel one, we'd have gone there instead!

Meeting Merida

I am very much aware of PhotoPass Plus, but Bert and I aren't bothered with attraction photos, and we generally take our own at meet and greets. Had the Merida shot of the both of us together been on my camera, we hadn't bothered with this either. So basically, it was way cheaper for us to buy this one photo than the Plus. I'm not saying we never will buy one, but for this trip we didn't feel like it and it would have been a waste of money.

Wanting to find a Shellie May Tsum Tsum for one of my nieces and Shinto the iguana (hey don't laugh, she loves small plushies, she adores her Marie Tsum Tsum), I had guessed they would have them at The Storybook Store (because I hadn't seen either Duffy or Shellie May anywhere else), but it turned out they were fresh out, and they sent us accross the street to Ribbons and Bows. Arriving there I asked the CM, because I didn't see them, and she point blank refused to believe me that I came from the Storybook Store, and kept on trying to sent me back accross the street! Even going as far as going "follow me" and pointing out where the store was (regardless of the fact that I had told her that I came from there, twice). Jeez. How hard is it to say "we've run out, have you checked that store yet? You have? Sorry then I don't know where to find them either". Rocket science apparently...

Explorer Duffy is ready for adventure

By that time it was time to move to Frontierland for the Disneybound group shot outside of Phantom Manor. Where we got talking to other people gathering :)
We took ages to take several group shots.


Dapper Day + Disneybound France group shot


Disneybound group shot

Male Disneybounders (from Steven DLP's flickr because I didn't get that shot)


Female Disneybounders

Disneybound women's group shot

And I asked some people if I could take their photo too :)

Classic lolita

Dapper Day

Dapper Day

It was actually much closer to 5pm (time to eat dinner at Agrabah) than we had thought it would have been, so we went back to Adventureland. Where we tried to find the statue of Russ and Carl from UP, and failed miserably :(
I should have asked my friend Sophie Jo where it was BEFORE we left rather than after, but at least I know now for a next trip (hopefully it'll still be around!). Thanks for telling me!


The ill-fated ship

Bert went to the restroom whilst I browsed La Girafe Curieuse and then he came to get me to tell me the rest was already outside Agrabah :)

La Girafe Curieuse

Motorist Mickey clock

Hot air balloon tee

I took Babs' outfit photo. Her dieselpunk Captain America outfit really was AMAZING! She totally rocked it! ROCKED IT!

Babs is ready for noms

The CM "welcoming" people into Agrabah sadly did not rock, quite on the contrary, she was impolite and surly, and tried to fob us off. Babs politely said she had made a reservation, and gave her name.
CM: it's not possible to make reservations (in French, even though Babs spoke English).
Me: And yet she rang to call and make a reservation 2 weeks ago.
CM *snaps*: no reservations!
Me: we don't want to make a reservation, we have already done so, she made it over the phone.
Me: Two weeks ago.
CM: At what time?! She rang right?
Me: well she rang two weeks ago yes, but don't ask us to remember what hour. It was two weeks ago.
CM: finally opens the agenda. WHAT TIME (all she did was shout and snap)
Babs: 5 pm.
Me: for 5PM, for right now!
CM: Barning? Party of 6?
US: full of relief: YES!

Seriously, why is someone so surly even allowed to deal with people?

And of course, the woman at the cash register was NOT better at all. She also refused to speak English (I was so glad my French is at least good enough to deal with situations like these!) and then all of the sudden, before we had even paid, she starts addressing the guy behind us. I politely point out that we are a party of 6, and that he is NOT part of our group. And yet she ignores me, starts talking to the dude right over me, and has this entire discussion with him because no, he can NOT have table service or a private area at this particular buffet restaurant AND then proceeds to take his order.
So I got a little annoyed, had to raise my voice (I didn't shout or snap, but I did use my "I will not take anymore of your bullshit" voice.) and point out that this gentleman was NOT part of our party.
Her: why didn't you say so in the first place.
I'm quite surprised no one else in my group facepalmed or jaw dropped, I feel that it's remarkable restraint on my friends' part. I did give her a very unimpressed look, it was impossible not to.
Of course at that point, she refused to let us pay separately "because there was a queue".
Which would NOT be there if she had done her job in a competent way rather than dilly dally and fob us around!
So Babs took it upon herself to pay the bill and let us pay her back (thanks Babs).

Sadly, once we sat down and had food, the utter staff fail hadn't ended yet.
Three of our group had ordered mint tea. Mint tea comes with a bottle of Vittel. And luckily it did, because we did reeive the bottles of Vittel and all the other drinks, but not the mint tea. So eventually, I end up asking a CM, in French, about the mint tea.
Said CM was mildly annoyed that we asked about it whilst we were still eating.
Well sor-ry that we ask about something we ordered AND paid for (I didn't say that, but it was tempting!).
Eventually, after some discussing, we get one pot out of three. She warns us it's hot (well d'uh, it's tea); we thank her for the warning, the tea is shared amongst the people that ordered tea.
Half an hour later we get the second pot. Again the pot is shared.
Pot nr 3 does not arrive.
Time goes by. Still no 3rd pot. In the end, we have finished our meal, we don't see another CM, it's nearly time for the Dapper Day 6.30pm meet up, and the rest decides to let it go when I tell them I'm happy to go enquire about that 3rd pot.
Which means that someone in our group basically paid for tea they never got. Just fucking fabulous (if it had been my drink, I would have gone and politely point out that I don't appreciate the way they deal with customers, but the rest asked me to let it go, so I did).

Seriously, it's like all the utterly incompetent staff from Casey's has been moved to Agrabah. Even though I did like the food, I am seriously put off going there again. I may give it another try, but at this point it's not likely.

At least we were in time to go to the Dapper Day carousel + group shot meet :)

Le carrousel de Lancelot

Le carrousel de Lancelot

Sadly my lens was borked, and all the group shots came out blurry :(
Bert realised it too late to grab his own camera (although why he hadn't grabbed his own, MUCH BETTER camera with better lens, from the start to take the group shot I'll NEVER understand XD).
Agnes tried to take a photo with the sprocket rocket, but that was also a bust (heck, that entire film was a bust, clearly the sprocket rocket and I are NOT friends. And it's not friends with Agnes either).

organising the Dapper Day group shot

Dapper Day group shot

People are, however, friends with the Agfa Isola 1 :)
Well, friendly enough I suppose :)
(Photo of the 6 of us by one of the guys taking photos at Dapper Day, thank you! I'm still trying to find out his name so I can properly credit him for this photo!)

us at Dapper Day

And some people photos!

Bert was Disneybounding as Peter Pan.

Bert disneybounding as Peter Pan

James and Anne.

Anne and James

British group :)

Dapper Day

Steven DLP

Steven DLP

My friend Lora :)


At the meet, the people from Disneybound France were doing an amazing job (heck they had been doing an amazing job all day, as did the French branch of Dapper Day! I can not stress this enough, these people really tried their best) of making sure everyone knew what was going on. And even though Caro couldn't attend, she made sure to keep the FB updated from home so those that could check it, knew exactly what was going on (I was not one of these people because I hardly check my phone as it is, and mobile internet is a dirty thing in my book haha) to make sure everyone knew that they were meeting up again at 9pm at The Statue of Liberty Tableau inside Liberty Arcade and that they were going to see Dreams together with a group and then move over to Bar Fantasia. That was really awesome of them, much appreciated :)

I have written a review about Dapper Day on The Gatehouse, for those that are interested.

Agnes wanted to do another ride in Big Thunder Mountain, and so I went on with her while the rest waited for us. Turns out they had cranked up Thunder to full speed for the entire track, which was awesome, but I did wonder how long it would take before Thunder decided to give everyone the middle finger (more about that to come in the day 3 post!).
Coming out, there was a lovely dusk view over the lake, with the boat and the nearly full moon, so I took a picture, bien sur :)

Thunder Mesa Riverboat Landing

After that we decided to go back to the hotel. Bert wanted to go game in the lobby for another hour (le sigh) and the rest still had to get their luggage and get everything into their room. Originally Bert and I's plan was that he would go gaming, and I'd just rest for an hour (because I was tired, I will admit to that). But it turned out that whilst he did only game for an hour in the hotel lobby, I conked out and fell asleep! And when he got back and woke me up, I was simply too tired and groggy to go back out :(
So our original plan to see Dreams and go for drinks with the rest FAILED completely and got traded in for a good night's rest (although I do regret not being able to go meet the others and see Dreams).
It was for the best really, else I'd probably have pushed myself way too hard. Health first and all that jazz.

So I'll leave you all with some nighttime photos I took on Main Street USA before leaving for the hotel :)

musical ghosts

Halloween at dusk

Main Street USA at dusk

All my photos so far (because I've not finished uploading them all), are here :)
Day 3 will be up when I've finished uploading everything :)
I've not put in my photos chronologically but rather clockwise from the entrance (with Hotel Cheyenne and the esplanade before the parks and Disney Village after) so you kind of get the feel of how you'd walk through the parks clockwise :) Kinda, because it's not perfect, but I did my best! :)

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