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Photo of the day: 3.10.2015 (day 276) - What's in my bag? - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Photo of the day: 3.10.2015 (day 276) - What's in my bag? [Oct. 3rd, 2015|08:24 pm]
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What's in my Kanken (Classic)

Yeah so what is in my bag?
Pencil case: from HEMA, because you know, keeping pens organised is practical
Foldable umbrella that doubles as a parasol: Lisbeth Dahl. It lives in one of the side pockets.
Map: to keep paperwork wrinkle free, but admittedly I mostly use it to keep comics in pristine condition :)
Black square under the umbrella: my old Kindle keyboard, because I love to read and the kindle is practical. Not to mention that this way I never have to worry about damaging any books in my bag :)
Planner: Alice in Wonderland planner from the Japanese Disney Store. Mega practical because it's a calendar, diary and notebook all in one. And it runs September 2015 - December 2016.
Camera on the left: Lomography Sprocket Rocket, because sometimes regular panorama just won't cut it and you want a wide panorama instead (that and sprockets on photos are cool).
Camera on the right: Agfa Isola 1 120mm camera that I found at the local thrift store in perfect condition for € 2,50. I'm really into analog lately :)
Envelopes: film ready to be handed in to get turned into negatives for me to scan.
Oh and the giant scarf everything is displayed on. Because it can get quite chilly. It is autumn after all.
And the stuff ON my Kanken: little key charm that I put together myself (take charm and add to strap, the end ^^), key shaped bottle opener keychain from HEMA and Thor's Mjölnir keychain that was a gift from my husband (but he got it at Star Traders in Disneyland Paris).