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BCM #25 is out now for FREE download! [Oct. 3rd, 2015|12:47 pm]
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For our 25th edition, we are doing something different: namely we have 3 variant covers of this BCM, and you can just choose which one(s) you like best.

They're still free, and download is just one click away!
For the INORAN cover, click here.
For the my way my love cover, click here.
For the Shota Yokoyama cover, click here.

Of course there is still plenty of fashion, with our traditional end of year Halloween and Christmas J-fashion features, as well as an interview with extraordinary design duo Neb aaran do.

When it comes to music our readers are definitely in for a treat with a record amount of 5 different interviews with artists from different genres, going from rock with INORAN to noise rock with my way my love, metal with Mikaru, metalcore with X Made Alcoholic Santaclaus and electro-rock with Shota Yokoyama of ADAMS. And let's not forget the CD and concert reviews on top of that.

For those that like to travel, we have another photo feature by Helcanen, this time featuring the beautiful Japanese island Miyajima.

And much more can be discovered within the newest edition of BCM, as always.

Happy reading everyone!

CoverBCM25 - INORAN copy CoverBCM25 - my way my love copy
CoverBCM25 - Shota copy indexBCM25 copy