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That time the rain chased us out of Elfia and ruined my action sampler - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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That time the rain chased us out of Elfia and ruined my action sampler [Sep. 22nd, 2015|02:30 pm]
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Seeing Bert wasn’t in the mood for Elfia this year, and my friend Lora and her bf Tom like fantasy fairs, it was logical to ask them if they wanted to come along, which they did.

partial steampunk group shot

So at 10am, Bert dropped me off near Tom and Lora’s place, which is full of roadworks, so I to call Lora for directions. But that was ok, because it was around the corner of around the corner (the geography of the town was a little bizarre).

I was pretty excited to meet their pet rabbit, the infamous Fiver, of whom I’d heard a lot, and sure enough, the fluffy cutie came hopping right to me. But then I let him smell my hand and he smelled Loa and ran away to hide :(
Pesky hunter cat!

Anyway, we grabbed our stuff, put it in the car and went on the way to Elfia! There was little traffic, so we got there without problems, parked, picked up press passes and went into the event! :)

Elfia Arcen

Chela (I really hope I'm spelling your name right, if not, I do apologise!), whom we bumped into at the entrance :)

We wandered around, had fun looking at things,

Elfia Arcen

Eagle owl

Elfia Arcen

Kabuki lecture

Photo of the day: 19.9.2015 (day 262)

This guy was seriously a BRILLIANT Hades!
Photo of the day: 19.9.2015 (day 262)

steampunk wings

Tom bought an alchemy belt pouch for his alchemist character,


Tom the alchemist

Lora and the cave troll

Lora's outfit shot with a cave troll, because why not :D

we looked at more shops, wandered around more, found the steam pop machine

steam pop machine

and realised we still had an hour to the steampunk group shot. So we had lunch at a nearby table in the picnic area and wandered some more. By the time it was time for the group shot, we had seen most of the event but it started to drizzle off and on :(

Originally the plan had been to do the group shot at the steam pop machine, but it was simply impossible because it would involve us blocking off a part of the road at a really busy point of the fair, so I went to some steampunks that had already gathered about 15 minutes before and suggested we simply went to the field across the creek. That was totally within sight for steampunks still arriving. So off to the field we went, facing more drizzle, up to the point where someone suggested we already do a shot, in case it would start pouring at 3pm.
And surely, it did, but because Clara had done all the effort of organising a group shot, we did another one in the rain when she was there. She took photos though, I still feel bad about her not getting to be in it and in hind sight I should have asked Tom to take the photos again so she got to be in it too.
We could have used Blub too because he’s waterproof.

steampunk group shot

Photo by Tom.

Clara and I exchanged stuff, and hung around for a little bit but then it started to pour (luckily I had just managed to put away my camera) so we decided to just go home before we got properly soaked. I was already pretty wet, and I was glad that most of the water had gotten stuck in my cardigan, so my longsleeve was dry bar a few wet spots on the arms so I could just wear my jacket over it. But I still felt like a drowned rat XD
Lora mentioned that it was too bad that I hadn’t gotten an outfit shot yet, but to be honest, I rather don’t have one than look like a drowned rat in the photo (which I really did do).

Elfia Arcen 2015

Clara :)

Because it was quite difficult to reach Tom and Lora’s flat, I had asked Tom to drop me off at Louvain train station. I had loads of time ‘till my train, so for once it was ok that it took FOREVER to buy a ticket. Seriously, 2 ticket booths on a Saturday afternoon, wtf NMBS!? I was so chilly by the time I finally got a ticket, that I went into Starbucks and got another, slightly taller, pumpkin spice latte. I had one the day before when I went to Antwerp with Agnes, and Bert liked it as well, so I got a medium sized one so I could share half with him. Unlike Antwerp, they served their drinks at drinkable temperatures, rather than scorching hot, so by the time I arrived at the station where Bert was picking me up, I had drank half. Eventually Bert will be able to drink a warm pumpkin spice latte, possibly next weekend :)

Before I go on the train in Louvain though, I ran into Margot, who I hadn’t seen in nearly a year, because she was in Canada for a year. It was great to see her again ^^

When I came home, I immediately got out of my cold and damp clothes, and started to get stuff out of my bag. I had wrapped my scarf around my SLR, because there were some drops on it, and thankfully that had made sure that there was no water damage. Sadly the damp cardigan had also made the bag of my action sampler damp, and in result the action sampler too. So I decided to take the roll off to make sure that wouldn’t get ruined. Apparently a little dampness was too much for the stupid device though, because the wind up crank broke, taking my roll with it :(
I’m mega bummed about that, because I had taking all these fun photos at the Coalescaremonium picnic, hanging out with Agnes in Antwerp and at Elfia, and I was REALLY looking forward to see how they had come out :(
Now I’ll never know!
This is seriously the LAST time I’ve ever wasted money on an action samper, these cameras are a total waste of money.

So yeah, that was the story of how the rain chased us out of Elfia and ruined my action sampler. And speaking of rain, I really hope that it won’t rain when I go and pick up my new bike later today. It’s been pouring off and on all day so I’m hoping it’ll refrain from pouring down on me later *fingers crossed*.

My review of the event on The Gatehouse is here, and the rest of my photos are here.
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