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Coalescaremonium picnic (13.9.2015) - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Coalescaremonium picnic (13.9.2015) [Sep. 21st, 2015|04:58 pm]
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After having explored the Cinquantenaire Museum and take lots of photos, Bert, Lora and I joined the Gothic picnic in honor of Coalescaremonium down in the park :) The museum is in the park also, so it was pretty much around the corner :)

me at the Coalescaremonium picnic

It was great to see some of our friends again, and because we came in late (and just after the group shot, bummer), we mostly hung out with them to catch up. Although I did have a slice of fruit waffle that Wesley and Laurens kindly gave me (thanks guys!) ^^

So basically this is a picture post :)


Laurens has this thing going where he won't pose seriously for BCM. I'm totally cool with that, because he's really good at funny poses :)


Nocturne, one of the organisers. I really do love his style!

Coalescaremonium picnic

Laurens & Wesley

Laurens and Wesley

Outfit: 13.9.2015

Flower hairband: Crown and Glory
Glasses: Theo
T-shirt: Primark
Top: EDC
Necklace: customised rosary
JSK: Rouge Aerie Designs
Bag: Bakker made with Love (with a Zatchels satchel strap)
Octopus keychain on bag: Awkward Animals
Tights: asos
Spats: my own design, made them myself
Shoes: Secret Shop
Bat ring, armor ring, claw ring: Poorman's Gold Label
Bracelets: asos and handmade

I took a whole bunch of photos with my action sampler, but sadly my action sampler died at Elfia last Saturday :(
Taking all the Coalescaremonium and other photos I took with it along in it's demise! XD

me at the Coalescaremonium picnic

It started raining at some point, so basically the weather pointed out that we should go home. We did try to stick it out for a bit, until it started to rain too much so we left for home.

me at the Coalescaremonium picnic

All photos with the Who Cares watermark are by Luc Luyten, and the rest of his photos of the picnic are here.
My other photos are here :)