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Blog: that time we took a turn into Narnia - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Blog: that time we took a turn into Narnia [Sep. 20th, 2015|02:06 pm]
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Last year before Coalescaremonium, Bert and I discovered the Cinquantenaire Museum by chance. We had wandered around a little, and decided we would go back later this year to do photos for BCM. Lora, who also likes museums and doesn't mind posing, came along too :)
I used to say that the V&A in London is my favourite museum, but it's definitely been replaced by the Cinquantenaire :)

Fun @ Jubelparkmuseum

The painting had a print of a threatening sea that people were pointing at. The print on my dress is called Nightmare Rising, and it's inspired by the story where Cthulhu comes out of the sea. Hence us being goofy like that by that painting.

Anyway, we picked up Lora at the local train station, drove to Etterbeek, parked at the Coalescaremonium venue (Bouche à Oreille), which is pretty much around the corner and only a 5 minute walk. Because it was nearly noon, we decided to eat the lunch we brought in the car ^^
And then we went into the museum and went straight for the monumental hall to take photos for the next BCM.

grand hall

We had a look in the smaller hall next door

portal to the next world


We decided to have a look upstairs, and felt like we had walked into Narnia. Well the Narnia of the first film, because the hallway was full of royal sleds!

Photo of the day: 13.9.2015 ( day256)

Photo of the day: 13.9.2015 ( day256)

Fun @ Jubelparkmuseum

royal sleds

There was also a side room full of clocks and other fun bits.

time piece

fancy folding fan

We wanted to find the Egyptian section, which is the ONLY section not properly indicated in the museum or on the map, so we went back downstairs. And ran into Laurens (who is in Artifakt with Lora and I) who had popped in to use the toilet. He was outside at the Coalescaremonium picnic, which we were attending later.


First we passed by the totem pole.

Fun @ Jubelparkmuseum

We took the wrong stairs up, so we ended up in the Thailand section instead. Which was also cool and interesting.

Thailand @ Jubelparkmuseum

Thailand @ Jubelparkmuseum

outfit: 13.9.2015

Flower hairband: Crown and Glory
Glasses: Theo
T-shirt: Primark
Top: EDC
Necklace: customised rosary
JSK: Rouge Aerie Designs
Tights: asos
Spats: my own design, made them myself
Shoes: Secret Shop
Bat ring, armor ring, claw ring: Poorman's Gold Label
Bracelets: asos and handmade

We went downstairs and saw shrunken heads, amongst other things.

Shrunken heads

We went up the right stairs eventually, and had to pass by Greece first.

Greece @ Jubelparkmuseum

Before we finally found Egypt!

Egypt @ Jubelparkmuseum

Egypt @ Jubelparkmuseum

And after that, it was quite late in the afternoon already, so we decided to go join the Coalescaremonium picnic in the park outside, but more about that tomorrow :)

For more museum photos, click here! :)