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J-fashion meet in Ghent, Belgium, in the burning, BURNING, summer heat (30.8.2015) - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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J-fashion meet in Ghent, Belgium, in the burning, BURNING, summer heat (30.8.2015) [Sep. 15th, 2015|03:51 pm]
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Blogging in chronological order? What is this thing you speak of? I'm most certainly not doing it! :)
Even though I went to Ghent the day before with Babs, we both went back the next day for Liesa's goodbye meet.
Liesa moved (because she's there now, and I hope she's having an absolute BLAST) to the UK with her bf, as they both found a job with the same game design company, and of course we couldn't let her just move to another country so Poppy (it was all Poppy, kudos to her!) organised a good bye meet a few days before Liesa was due to move :) In Ghent.

obligatory silly group shot

Originally the plan had been to go to Berchem and take the train to Ghent (because I always have to take two) with Agnes and Babs, but Lora was going too, so I went over Louvain with her because it's more fun to travel together and Babs and Agnes were already traveling together :)
I'd see them there anyway ^^
Lora and I ended up taking 2 trains earlier in Louvain, BUT we forgot to look at the code behind the train and unknowingly got on an L train. Aka the "stops EVERYWHERE" train. So even though we left in Louvain about half an hour earlier than planned, we arrived over half an hour LATER than we would have had we taken a later, faster, train. Last time I take an earlier train, that's for sure!
But not everyone had arrived yet, so we still had time to get lunch at Panos ^^

When everyone had arrived (aside from the late comers that would join us a few hours later), we took the tram to Moochie.

Liesa can haz froyo

Liesa can haz Moochie.

I normally love Moochie, but I was full with lunch, so I gave it a miss this time. Saltje still had to find food, so I quickly went on the hunt with her to keep her company. She found an open bakery, and then we went into Quick to buy drinks. And OMG we encountered the RUDEST manager there, seriously! He was rude to customers, rude to colleagues. If I hadn't been that thirsty for COOL water, I'd have left. It's such a pity that most stores aren't open on Sunday, so people are left to find drinks at places like this. Which gives these jackasses the chance to act out, because they know full well people don't have many options XD
Also, Monsanto is SERIOUSLY sponsoring Quick. € 2,50 for a 33cl bottle of water. € 2,80 for half a liter of Coke Zero (what Saltje was having).
'Nuff said, they don't wan you to have healthy drinks... no they want you to drink soft drinks filled with glyphosates and other toxins. (This is in no way a critique on people that drink soft drinks! I firmly believe that anyone should drink and eat what they feel like, but that doesn't mean I won't harp on the fact that healthy, mineral water is more expensive than a dodgy soft drink because Monsanto wants to push their crap. My issue is with companies like Monsanto and their dirty practises, not with the people that choose to eat and/or drink their products).

Anyhow, having found water and food we joined the rest again and hung out at Moochie a little longer...

at Moochie

... before going to a café, where they kept us waiting FOREVER before they actually came to take our order. And to be honest the waitress really could have been friendlier. I get that we looked "weird" to her, but we were paying customers that weren't making trouble.

at the café


A few of us made good use of the stairs for some outfit shots :)
The others wanted to take their outside, and they were totally right because the light outside was nicer :)

Agnes likes her new Mucha bag

I had brought along Agnes' belated birthday presents (I was in Prague on her birthday and couldn't make it to her party as I was ill). This is her with her Mucha print tote bag, which I got in Prague :)

After drinks in the café, we went a little further down to take photos on a bridge road.


at the J-fashion meet

Lora and I took jump shots of each other with the action sampler:



And outfit shots!






Poppy, who organised the meet.





065 copy


Outfit: 30.8.2015

My outfit, photo by Babs.
Hat:ebay, customised
Glasses: Theo
Blouse: asos
Bracelets: handmade and asos
Skirt: made it myself
Socks: gift from a friend
Shoes: Sacha

And of course silly photos had to happen!

Lise and Liesa

Lise and Liesa, action samplered.

Random silly photo :)

Poppy and Liesa

Kyla arrived just in time for outfit shots and the group shot (group shots by Saltje)!


group shot

I love how in the silly group shot everyone is making faces and Alexander is all stoic. That's hilarious. At least I think it is :)


We did get everyone's feet in this shot!

Photo of the day: 30.8.2015 (day 242)

Photo of the day: 30.8.2015 (day 242)

By then it was getting pretty late in the afternoon, and Babs, Agnes, Lora and I still had to take two trains home, so we went home a little early whilst the rest was going somewhere else. Because Babs had sore feet we took a tram to the station, and of course it was mega full and we had to wait FOREVER for it XD

Getting the train home was sheer and utter MISERY. The first train we tried taking was on the furthest track of the station. That in itself wasn't the issue. The fact that the train was so full it literally couldn't fit another person, let alone two, was. We tried every compartment, and one we even encountered this rude douchebag that had blocked the entrance with his bike. Not a folding bike, no, a full sized adult bike. And he thought he was totally justified in doing so too! I mean: COME THE FUCK ON!
I asked the conductor if I could please sit in first class on exception as I have heart problems and couldn't stand for the entire trip (not a lie) and he said that it normally wouldn't be an issue at all, but that he had already allowed people to sit in 1st class and it was completely full. But he said that the next train, I should just sit in 1st class if it were full and explain it to the conductor of that train.
So we decided to go find out when the next train was, as we clearly couldn't get on that one, and left the conductor to deal with 5 VERY ANGRY people with full sized bikes that were full of rage they couldn't get on the train and wouldn't understand the conductor wouldn't trow people off to accomodate them (WUT?!).
We decided to give going over Antwerp a go, only to JUST miss that train.
So we went back to the far off platform, and found that the next train had arrived and 2nd class was already FULL.
So I did what we were told, and we hopped into 1st class (lots of other people did too).
In hindsight, the train to Louvain listed as extra should have been a sign of trouble.

In the end we got to Louvain, and we had to wait nearly an hour for our connections. Lora's train was one minute later than mine, so we waited together for as long as we could :)

I think that was also the last really BOILING hot day of the summer. So far at least, because of course it's summer 'till September 21st :)

As always I took more photos than are in this post, you can see the whole lot here :)