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Last Saturday, I went and bought comics! (29.8.2015) - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Last Saturday, I went and bought comics! (29.8.2015) [Sep. 3rd, 2015|07:37 pm]
[feeling |contemplativecontemplative]

My friend Babs had asked me if I wanted to go pick up comics with her at World's End in Ghent, and of course I said yes. Because Babs is awesome and I see no reason why not to hang out with her. And hey, comics :)
I didn't find any comics for myself, but I did find a bunch that Bert was still looking for, so that was good :)
And the owner gave me an IDW Star Trek Infestation patch, which was nice of him.
Which wasn't so nice was that I got charged for the plastics and board the comics were in. I do agree with Babs that they cost the shops money, but honestly, no one is going to make me believe that those costs aren't already calculated into the shop's profit on each comic. Else all the other shops wouldn't give them along for free. The thing is that I was mostly bugged by it because the guy simply asked if I wanted them, he didn't tell me I'd have to pay. I just figured he asked because he could just recycle them if I didn't want them (which would make total sense). Oh well, at least he was friendly and gave me a free patch :)
But if I'd go there again (and the _only_ reason I wouldn't is because it's not anywhere near my house) I'd just leave them.
Should have taken my map but you know, 20/20 hindsight.

Star Trek patch

After comics shopping we went to Greenway. I don't much like their new menu, but the previous two times I had the red pepper (paprika) burger, I was able to have it because they kindly replaced the vegetables I'm allergic to with carrot and tomato and regular lettuce.
They did this once in Ghent, and once in Antwerp. This time, however, the girl taking our orders was being massively annoyed about my request. Like I enjoy having to ask, I'd rather not have food allergies. Anyway, she agreed to replace them with carrot, and I figured all would be well.
Then the burgers arrived and guess what, she hadn't replaced them with carrot like I asked and like she agreed to, she had the same vegetables put on that were also on Babs' burger, which included white cabbage. Which I'm allergic to...
Because clearly it was too much efford to serve me food I could actually eat, I just removed all the vegetables and ate a vegetable burger that tasted pretty much like slightly flavoured carrot, lettuce and sauce. The sauce was nice though, but honestly, last bloody time I'm eating at Greenway. Unless it's the Antwerp one where I can just have dessert instead!
I would still totally go to Greenway with friend though, if needs be I can have a drink whilst they eat, and then I can eat somewhere else and they can have a drink there :)


After lunch, Babs wanted to check out Lush, so we went down the shopping street, where we checked a couple of other shops, before popping into Lush. We ended up not bying anything, and as Primark was further down the street, we decided to go have a look.
It's a relatively new Primark, that opened only about 2 weeks ago, and omg it was so crowded!
I've never seen a Primark that crowded in my entire life!
But they had a sale on super soft blankies, so I bought one for on the sofa :)
Lucky the cash registers were super efficient, but sadly it took FOREVER to go to the register I had to go to, because in front of me was some douche with a kid in a stroller and OF COURSE he had to move slower than a geriatric snail because he simply had to gawk at every... single... thing displayed at the registers. With no disregard for the fact that people were stuck behind him and couldn't get past because of his spawn in the stroller!
If I ever spawn and become like that, I hope my friends will slap some sense into me with a pillow!

TMNT toothpaste at Primark

After that we decided to wander back to the car, taking the scenic route :)
Which was cool because we encountered this cool looking café :D

Photo of the day: 29.8.2015 (day 241)

Babs had gotten me super cool steampunk stickers with glitter, but because I'm an idiot I forgot them on the back seat of her car XD
Luckily I saw her the next day, and she had brought them along to Ghent (yes we went to Ghent twice in two days) when we met up there for the J-fashion meet. But more about that later when I've had time to edit all the photos!