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On Saturday, there was beer! (22.8.2015) - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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On Saturday, there was beer! (22.8.2015) [Aug. 24th, 2015|08:51 pm]
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[music |Intergalactive Lovers live on music tv, but don't ask me what song]

Because in Antwerp it was the annual Bollekesfeesten!
Bolleke is a beer by brewery De Koninck, which was in financial trouble a couple of years ago. But luckily, as it is one of the few indi family breweries left in Belgium (most have been usurped and had their beer ruined by InBev, the infamous home of Stella Artois, amongst MANY others) it was saved, HURRAH!
To celebrate this joyous occasion, Antwerp organises the Bollekesfeesten every year, and it's not all just about the Bolleke and other beers from brewery De Koninck, but about all kinds of small artisanal companies such as other breweries, butchers, candy, and much more. They also have bands performing around the Groenplaats and Grote Markt and such.
The past couple of years we had always missed it due to prior obligations, but this year, THIS YEAR, we could actually make it!
You may wonder why I get so enthused about something that largely seems to involve beer as I don't drink, but to be honest, I just go for the atmosphere and photo opportunities :)

kids playing on the water stage

Before we made it to the Groenplaats, we stopped by Mekanik Strip first, where I slightly freaked out Jens (the shopkeep) with my infamous knowledge of random trivia by digging up the plot for several episodes of Sliders (his fault for bringing up the show, his fault ENTIRELY!) and Bert rummaged through the comics. My idea of rummaging is to leaf through new releases and take comics out of my reservations map :)
And just randomly standing around having a chat (because I get bored whilst Bert browses, obviously, I do feel sorry for Jens, albeit only slightly).


We popped in a couple of other shops, mainly to have a look. Bought some lunch at Delhaize and went to Moose in the City. I ordered Kanken classic straps and a camera insert back at the end of June (no joke) and I still hadn't gotten them, so I figured I'd go ask about them (again) as the original delivery date had been set on August 1st. Turns out they still weren't there, and the guy that could tell us delivery dates was having lunch. So I told the super friendly and nice shop girl (she really is!) that we'd just pop in later again, as it wasn't an issue as we were in town anyway (which we were). It's not Moose's fault that Fjällräven is flaky of course, but it's still a massive pain, because I'd bloody well like my straps right about now. I already had to take my Big to Prague just for the padding, and it took FOREVER to get the sweat smell out (yes it was nearly 40 °C, I sweat a LOT), having padded straps not only makes my classic comfy against bare skin (oddly enough it doesn't bother me with the mini) it also makes the cleaning easy because I'll just take the staps off again and toss them in the wash :)
Plus having a pair of straps and the camera insert would make Bert's life infinititely better as it would mean he could just use his backpack without being bothered by the weight of his camera.

But anyway, in between visits to Moose we went to FNAC, because I needed to get tickets for Sea Life in France. I had looked around online and FNAC seemed to be the cheapest. Sadly, there was quite the queue (ok there weren't that many people in it but it was sloooooow) for tickets, and only one person selling them. Which made no sense, because often on weekdays there's 2 or 3 people sitting at the ticket sales desk. At one point someone came over from the cash register, noticed no one was holding anything they wanted to buy and checked if we were there for tickets. We thought she was going to get someone else to come and open a second register (by then there was quite the queue behind me, and OF COURSE people kept on trying to exit the store by barging through the queue, rather than use the open passageway BEHIND it, because clearly, lots of people are douchebags and plain rude) but no, she was just being inanane because she could *eyeroll.
And as ALWAYS in FNAC Antwerp, ticket buying was much more of a misery than it should have been, but thanks to my ONE card, tickets were even cheaper, so we only paid € 13,50 in the end, which is even cheaper than the dated pre-sale tickets Sea Life itself offers on their site, and they aren't bound by time in the day like the website tickets. so yay.

And then there first was the incident with my Lomo lens, which warrants a mention.
A while ago I bought an analog Diana lens from Lomography, with the adaptor to use on my SLR.
I had read online that many of the lenses were either stuck on their adaptor permanently, or fell off. Mine seemed to be pretty solid and removable when I actually you know, removed it, so I counted my lucky stars and that was that.
The lenscap was loose though, so that does need me paying attention to it.
Saturday, however, the lens was rather loose. And when I went to the toilet and came out, I realised it was _gone_.
So I went back in, but didn't find it at first glance so I was ready to start retracing my steps to where I knew I last had it, when the lady of the loos came out and held it up, apparently it had rolled under the sink. Seriously I was SO happy!
But yeah, apparently the cost Lomography charges you doesn't mean you get actual quality. The lens itself is a lot of fun, but the € 59,95 they ask for it does NOT include it being actual quality, which is just so disgusting. Surely for that kind of money they can make a lens that does NOT fall off! Or that does not require me taping it to the adaptor with electric tape!

After all that misery, it was time for the Bollekesfeesten!




As you can see my Lomo lens is worthless when the infinity setting is needed XD.

Which was also a marvelous feat of crap organisation when it came to the drinks tickets! You couldn't pay with money, you had to buy tickets first. Sadly, they had decided that on a HOT Saturday, they would only have ONE person man the ticket register. Just the ONE. I'm sure everyone can imagine the queue. In the bleak, bleak sun. I think we queued for near 20 minutes. Just to get tickets. Bert got 4 for himself, because I still had nearly half a liter of water and didn't want any food (he did offer, several times).

Bert queuing for drinks tickets

There was loads of place to sit, and whilst most places were occupied, we found a table. In the bleak blistering sun, but luckily Bert had his hat and I had my parasol/umbrella, so it was all good :)
Bert ended up having 2 Bollekes and a Triple D'Anvers. I went to get the Triple because he was moping that they poured them and then left them on a counter to be taken when people ordered. And whilst that was definitely the case with the Bollekes, I found it hard to believe it would be the case with the more high end beers. So I went over, and the kind guy that took my order gave me a nice cold freshly poured (from the tap) and very full Triple D'Anvers. Success! Bert was pleased too, and lamented the fact we couldn't buy the pretty glasses. They were very pretty indeed, but alas!


Not the pretty glass, this is a regular Bollekes one.


Photo of the day: 22.8.2015 (day 234)






I did discover that my Diana lens is pretty good for portraits :)

kids playing on the water stage

kids playing on the water stage

playing in the water

I was very envious of the kids playing on the water stage. If I had known there was one, I'd have worn my bathing suit and joined them haha. But alas! I had to content myself taking photos!

I gave up on the Lomo lens at one point and swapped my old DSLR for my compact camera.

We sat around for a good while, because Bert was having three beers haha, and then went on our way back to Moose.
Where the super nice shop girl told me that the straps should come in this week (which I've been hearing for at least 3 weeks, so I'm not holding my breath) and the camera insert mid September. So we _should_ (should being the operative word) have them before Dapper Day end of September, but somehow I doubt it XD.
Fjällräven really SUCKS when it comes to delivering to their resellers it seems.
At least we got our Kankens before the prices went up by € 10 per backpack! :)
Silver lining etc.

mango & passion fruit frappucino, and my parasol/umbrella

When we got to the station, I felt like having frappucino from Starbucks, so Bert got me one :)
And that was that. Of course, it wasn't 'till we got home that I remembered there was an indi designers market at Vrijdagplaats because of the Bollekesfeesten. So that'll have to be something for next year! Or maybe we'll go when it's book market there instead on the Sunday, in any case I'd definitely like to go again :)