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Prague, Czech Republic - day 3 (12.8.2015) - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Prague, Czech Republic - day 3 (12.8.2015) [Aug. 19th, 2015|03:00 pm]
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Wednesday August 12, was our last full day in Prague. Originally the plan had been to go to the National Museum, but some googling the day before for the price ended up with us finding out that their main building was closed for renovation, and that they had moved their exhibits over several different locations all over Prague. The Natural History Museum was the only one near enough to us, but Bert didn’t feel like going there (we never go because he never feels like going it seems, although I can’t blame him on this one as it didn’t seem to be so different from Belgium’s KBIN) because he wanted to go to the ancient civilisation section, which was a lot less practical and easy to get to. So instead we decided to just go walk around Prague instead :)

We had woken up a little later than the day before, and after we both showered we went down to breakfast, which was a LOT quieter than the day before, and then went and got our things to go explore the city.
It was still a boiling hot day, but it felt a little less hot because there was a bit of a breeze, which was nice.

A lot of shops weren’t open yet, which meant that there weren’t that many people in the street either, which in turn meant I could take photos :)


In a small mall near our hotel I found the actual Craftholic store (which wasn’t open, and I avoided going back later because I didn’t want to break the bank over the brown Sloth bear plush)

Craftholic store

And a shop that ONLY had Japanese vinyl. So both of Japanese band and Japanese versions of releases from outside of Japan. Very cool, but another one that needed to be avoided for my finances sake! That and I don’t have a record player at the moment, because I keep on forgetting to move mine from my parent’s house to mine (in my defence, it’s part of a pretty big sound system for which I don’t really have any space).

Japanese vinyl store

I found another M.A.C. store and bought eye shadow (Coppering ftw. Coppering is actually the re-release of the limited edition Disney Villains De-Vil, I had been eying it for months and finally got it as a spare. Can’t risk running out of copper!). We wandered around some more, looked at a few more shops, and went on our way to an antiques shop we saw near Tesco’s on the first day.

But not before finding these awesome photography stores! The first one was really HUGE and they had so much stock. Sadly photography equipment is either the same price or more expensive than in Belgium. But I did enjoy looking at all the Polaroids (even though I refuse to get any more Polaroid things because they have ZERO support) and instant film as well as the lenses and their little displays of vintage cameras.
The people in the shop were super friendly too!

Vintage cameras

We found another cluster of shops that sold nothing but working vintage cameras, telescopes and film equipment a little further down the street (it was the street that also had a vegan bistro).

Vintage camera

We went into the little mall it was in, and it also housed a stamp store so I got some Mucha stamps for my mum. They’re from Monte Carlo but hey, Mucha stamps :) You’d think that seeing that a huge post office was around the corner from our hotel I’d have bothered buying some Czech stamps for her, but of course I forgot, typical (I’m sure she’ll forgive me when she gets the Mucha stamps ^^).
I love how there are these little malls all over the place.


Anyway, we found the antique store, which turned out to be an antique book store that also sold second hand and new books (kinda like De Slegte [I can never remember the new name of that chain] in Belgium). It was two shops flowing into one, and the clerk in one section helped me have a look at the Jules Verne books there. Turns out that they still commonly print his works! All of them! Insert me turning green with envy. He didn’t have a copy of 20,000 Leagues, so I went off to the other part of the shop where another clerk helped me out and ‘lo and behold, a copy from the 1950s for 80 CZK! I was very happy! Sure ok it’s in Czech but seeing I collect them, it’s all good. Other people bring back knickknacks from their trips, I bring back versions of 20,000 Leagues and Alice in Wonderland if I can (mostly it fails, but sometimes I succeed, I once even found a French copy of Alice in Disneyland Paris’ Disney Village, ‘nuff said ^^). Bert didn’t find anything to his liking, because everything was in Czech, but he did enjoy browsing.

Antique Czech version of 20,000 Leagues under the Sea

We went on to Tesco to find some stuff to take home with us for friends and family (local snacks and drinks) and checked out the little mall Tesco is in (or under as it’s the bottom floor). I found another Luxor bookshop (there’s a HUGE one at the Palladium too) and discovered tons of Jules Verne books. No new version of 20,000 Leagues though. I also had no luck when it came to Alice in Wonderland, so I decided to have a look at the Palladium one later. Lots of other Jules Verne books though!

Jules Verne books

After getting our shopping done at Tesco we decided to go back to the hotel and drop everything off, but not before I stopped at the biggest Sparky’s (a chain of toy stores) to find something for Spawn1 (Spawn2 is still too small so I got her apple flavoured water). I ended up buying her a “blind” bag of My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic, which is one of her favourite shows. I use the term “blind” bag loosely, because there was a see through bit on the back and if you moved the ponies around a bit you could see who you got. I got myself an Apple Jack (for nostalgia’s sake, as she used to be my favourite when I was a kid) and Spawn1 a pony with a bumblebee cutie mark. She’s been given it by now and seemed to like it. Although I think the bag of candies was a bigger success (and she did attempt to steal my Apple Jack).

Bert had had a massive breakfast so he wasn’t really hungry, but I was, so we went to PAUL and I had a slice of cheesecake and water whilst he drank a beer. I also bought a benoiton with olives (I love those) to take away.


We wandered around the Palladium some more.

Hipster Bambi

I doubted which socks to buy at TopShop (I can never resist their socks, and of course they had another 3 for 2 deal going on) and decided I would come back later because we were going to have dinner at Burger King anyway.
Instead we went downstairs to the comic book shop, so Bert had the time to properly browse all the boxes full of comics upstairs. He didn’t buy anything, because they were pretty much all DC and Dark Horse, which he doesn’t read.
I did like the shop, because even though they were small and quaint and had a lot of things in Czech, they also had a lot of rare, old comics. Nothing I collect, but I think that people that do, or read DC/Dark Horse, can do some good deals there. As well as people that collect figures because they had some AMAZING ones.

at the comic book store


No comics found and socks to be decided, we decided to go explore some more.

Shrunken head monstance

We did have a strange "run-in" with some local. He was obviously pretty doped up, and were trying to get money off passers-by. We were opposite the Hardrock Café, which is on a busy square, but the "gallery" (which is just shaded really) on one site was nearly deserted as there are no shops on that side (or nothing I can remember). So he approached Bert, but I saw something was up right away, so I kept telling Bert to KEEP WALKING AND NOT TO STOP, I also made it quite clear to the guy that he was to keep his distance. Which he did, you could see that he was just really trying to talk people into letting him approach and stop so he could better try to wrangle them out of their money, but that he wasn't actually physically aggressive. And to be fair, it's something that could happen in most big cities, but it was annoying as hell anyway. I'm just glad I managed to keep Bert from stopping. But anyway: I would advise people to avoid quiet spots on busy streets to avoid the same thing as happened to us. It was all fine, but it could have ended a lot worse had I not been assertive and on the defence.

In the end we were near the Charles Bridge, so I said we might as well cross it (under the parasol, because the sun was way too bright there) and go to the medieval restaurant for drinks and Bert’s dinner. Something he thought was a great idea because he loves that food much more than Burger King. To be honest so do I, but I was really in the mood for cheeseburger.

First we stopped at Starbucks though, because I felt like mango juice. Starbucks is cheaper in Prague too, so I felt it was in my advantage to have it there instead of in Belgium ^^

mango juice

We ended up sitting around in Starbucks for a while before going to the medieval place where we first had drinks

Bert with my ice tea

Bert didn't want people to think he's an alcoholic (which he really isn't) so he posed with my ice tea first. In reality the Pilsner Urquel that they serve everywhere is such light beer that anyone that drinks beer regularly can drink absolute liters of it without getting drunk. It's just very refreshing in that kind of climate, which is why Bert drank so much of it :)

Bert approves of his beer

Photo of the day: 12.8.2015 (day 224)

before I ordered apple pie and Bert got another vegetarian platter. He ate half of the apple pie too, because because he loved it so much haha. Which was totally ok because I was only a little peckish, not properly hungry.

apple pie

Bert was really hungry though, because once we made it to Burger King (after I bought socks for the both of us at TopShop) he had a menu anyway. To be honest the Prague Burger King was a bit iffy. The food was alright, it’s definitely not the best burger place (in that area the TGI Friday’s on the main street is probably a better, albeit more expensive bet) but it was ok. The drinks, however, were definitely fail. They tasted like the drinks did that time Sam and I got food poisoning because there was a bug in the drink’s dispenser at Cowboy Cookout BBQ in Disneyland Paris. Needless to say, we didn’t drink them. Had the machine been alright, it would have been cool though, because they were refillable.
The machine was also shared with the KFC next to the Burger King, so I doubt anyone actually paid attention to how many refills you got.
But like Bert rightfully remarked: food safety has a long way to go when it comes to places like that. Although to be fair, we didn’t get sick, not even from the places that were a bit dodgy (or at least looked a bit dodgy) so it’s probably a lot better than it seems. And in the actual restaurants it’s just fine. I saw the kitchen of the medieval restaurant the first day, and it was SO modern and CLEAN, seriously, brilliant.

After food, we popped down again to Luxor, where I ended up finding an English copy of Alice in Wonderland. But not just any copy, they had this series called Collector’s Library, which are all pocket format (think vintage mass books), linen books with covers AND gilded (gold paint of course) pages! But proper old style pages too! SO MUCH BOOK LOVE. I googled them as soon as we were back in the room, and omg, HAIL BOOKDEPOSITORY because they have the lot (and cheaper than in Prague too) AND they have Jules Verne books (only three, but it’s a start!)!!!!!! Including 20,000 Leagues and Around the World in 80 Days! If they now turn out to be in the proper old English, I may cry with joy (it’s not happened before, but you never know!).

Photo of the day: 17.8.2015 (day 229)

Photo of the day: 17.8.2015 (day 229)

Book bought, we had finished off our eating and shopping, and went back to the hotel.

We packed as much as we could already, because we had to get up pretty early the next day, showered to wash all the sunblock off and I cursed a lot because I discovered some patches on my legs that were properly BURNED. Not just sunburn, but actual BURNS (still from the sun). Luckily by now the worst is gone, and they were so bad the nerves were damaged enough not to hurt. That and they were in spots that I didn’t touch much, so I did get as lucky as could be suffering from them I suppose, but still, I was NOT impressed. Sunblock, why you no work?! (Well it did work most of the time but still).
Moral of the story: industrial grade sunblock for Prague summers!

All photos from my Prague trip are here :)