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Don't shop with Sarenza, they don't offer any customer service! - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Don't shop with Sarenza, they don't offer any customer service! [Jul. 20th, 2015|07:27 pm]
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[feeling |annoyedannoyed]

Just a head's up people: do NOT order from Sarenza! I ordered a pair of boots there that should have been delivered in 72 hours tops.
After more than 96 hours the "tracker" was still set to "your order has left storage and is being transported to B-post, you will receive it in about 48-72 hours, check back regularly".
I waited another day, emailed customer service.
No response (I didn't even get a "we have received your email and will get back to you message in a timely fashion!).
I publicly complained on twitter, and only got a response saying they'd "look into it" when I threatened with a PayPal dispute on twitter. I told them I was displeased and only then received a response from customer service which was derrogatory and basically said "we'll look into it, here have a 10% discount and shut up" (obviously it wasn't worded like that, but it did boil down to that).
I pointed out that if the order was lost, I would like to receive a refund.
They ignored me.
Today I asked for another refund.
Again they ignored me.
So obviously I waited 'till their customer service closed for the day, and then filed a PayPal dispute.
So hopefully I'll get my money back *fingers crossed*.
I'm sure that when things go alright they are fine, but when things go amiss, they offer NO customer service at all, which makes them horribly untrustworthy.
So that's why I'm warning everyone else, tempting as their site may be, do yourself the favor and shop somewhere else.