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ADVENTURES ALL OVER THE PLACE! (Catch-up post: 21-24.6.2015) - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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ADVENTURES ALL OVER THE PLACE! (Catch-up post: 21-24.6.2015) [Jul. 9th, 2015|11:59 am]
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I'm combining four days, because on their own they're not exciting enough to warrant a post, but combined there's enough text and photos to make it worthwhile :)

Sunday was mostly spend prodding my netbook to run a full security scan. The anti-virus is a bit heavy for it, so that takes forever, and needs some prompting and babysitting. Followed by taking Loa for a walk, where he proceeded to check out which trees were good for climbing. So nothing out of the ordinary :) And testing which kanken Charlotte liked best (in the end she decided she wanted a classic rather than a big).

Charlotte's box

Photo of the day: 21.6.2015 (day 172)
Completely random photo of Charlotte's box of stuff.

In the evening we went to the local kebab for food :) Because kebab is all the noms. And one day I will remember to photograph food BEFORE I start eating it haha :)

vegetarian kebab

Monday, Charlotte insisted we walk into town (why, why! I'm whining for no reason, I can walk the distance fine but I was pretty lazy haha).

We invaded HEMA, for obvious reasons, because HEMA is cool, and Charlotte found presents for her brownies, her niece and other bits and bobs she liked :)
I found Bert a birthday present (not saying what it is because: spoilers!) and restrained myself from buying stuff I didn't really need.
At the local candy store I did buy something, I can't remember what it was, but it was enough to fill up my customer loyalty card to the point where I was entitled to HALF A KILO (that's right) of candy!

photo of the day: 22.6.2015 (day 173)

Photo of the day: 22.6.2015 (day 173)
Aforementioned giant bag of candy :)
It ended up lasting us well over a week :)

There was more shopping where Charlotte and I shared a really good coupon from Yves Rocher, bought chocolate at Carrefour and checked out the toy store, where Charlotte got a Disney Infinity Loki for herself and another one for a friend. Because they are just so cool to display even if you don't play the game (I have a Jack Skellington and a Thor myself).

Turned out they also sold Tsum Tsums there now, for € 1 cheaper than at Disneyland Paris, but of course they had none I liked. Charlotte got a Minnie Mouse one though. I really should have photographed Loa with it but I forgot. Oh well. I'll get another chance soon enough when I buy Rosa a Minnie Mouse tsum :)

Tsum Tsums at the local toy store

On Tuesday we went to Antwerp. By train. Without walking to the station first (because if we had done that we would have spent an hour to get there instead of 10 minutes). The train had a 15 minute delay. No one was surprised. Over here in Belgium people are surprised if the trains are NOT delayed these days.

Jos had forgotten to give me his list of things that he needed from the art supply shop, which meant that we did in fact not had to go all the way to the south side and had more time to spend bimbling around old town. Which was great because we were trying to get back home around the time Bert got home from work, so he wouldn't have to starve waiting for us to eat dinner.

We looked around some shops, found nothing and went to 8tea5 for bubble tea. Charlotte had never had bubble tea before but became an instant addict. Which is quite problematic as she lives in a bubble tea free zone.
I tried taking photos of Charlotte with her bubble tea, but they came out mega fail so I deleted them. Sorry Charlotte!

watermelon ice tea

We ambled around some more after bubble tea, and encountered a gold Ferrari that a shop was using as promo. It took me quite a while before I got to snap this photo, because rude douchebags kept on running in front of my camera. I really should have gone and stood right in front of them to make a point, but in the end I couldn't be bothered to stoop to their level.

We spent forever at Moose in the City. Charlotte found some presents for family members, bought me the little red riding hood ragdoll fox (she has the wolf from the same brand) that I loved so much (THANK YOU) for my birthday and got herself a forest green kanken classic, the last camera insert and these cool plastic spoon, fork & knife combo things. Of course we discovered a second pot of the things with easily accessible green ones AFTER I had dug a green one out of the first one (without hurting myself or spilling them all over the floor I add!).
I ended up selling my brand new padded straps for kanken classic to Charlotte, because she needed them too and they're a bitch to get. I was ordering a camera insert for Bert anyway so I could just order them along.
Extra padded straps are only a luxury when you are carrying heavy weights (which I never do), or when it's hot (and I've already learned to either take the mini or a totebag when it's hot) so I can wait :)
Although obviously, I would prefer it if they came in sooner rather than later (although the nice shop keep did warn me it could take 'till August).

After that we were hungry so went to Greenway for vegetarian lunch. The Antwerp Greenway has different burgers than the Louvain and Ghent one, much to my chagrin (they are more expensive too, boo!) which makes me sad because I LOVE the spinach and the carrot burgers. I tried a cheeseburger, and whilst it was ok, I don't think I'd have it again. Seeing the red pepper one is in reality a red paprika one, I think I'll try that next to be honest.

photo of the day: 23.6.2015 (day 174)

Photo of the day: 23.6.2015 (day 174)

We visited some more shops, Charlotte bought more stuff and then caught the train so we were home about 15 minutes later than Bert.

Wednesday we went to the cinema to see Jurassic World, which was very entertaining :)
And visited Bioplanet, the organic supermarket :)

Photo of the day: 24.6.2015 (day 175)

Photo of the day: 24.6.2015 (day 175)

Tomorrow's (well tomorrow if I have time at least) entry will be more exciting, as I'll post about the Amiens cathedral. Well I suppose that's only more exciting if you like churches but still :)
Coming up as soon as I have time (bit by bit): Amiens + cathedral, Amiens Zoo, more random events of several days squashed together and Starcom! :)

[User Picture]From: valerius1979
2015-07-24 01:22 pm (UTC)
It is so cool reading these updates :D
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: kittensandsteam
2015-07-24 06:15 pm (UTC)
I think that's the first time ever I had to cram 4 days into one post haha :)
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