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BCM #24 is out for free download! [Jul. 1st, 2015|11:41 am]
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BCM 24 out now for free download

BCM #24 is now available for free download! Get your copy right here :)

We once again bring you a feature full of beautiful photos by Helcanen, this time about that globally known cultural icon of Japan: Mount Fuji and it's surroundings.

Speaking of icons, this time we bring you an interview with international fashion icon and (lolita) fashion model RinRin Doll!In other fashion news we have a feature + article on otome kei and a fun fashion feature all about Disneybounding.
As far as music is concerned with spoke to DJ SiSeN at Coalescaremonium (you can also win a cheki signed by him!) and Aurélie of HIGHFeeL/REALive about their artists and upcoming projects.
And of course this time we also have much more: snap pages, reviews and photo pages of tons of (European J-culture) events.

Have a great summer everyone!