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Last Friday I hunted giants :) - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Last Friday I hunted giants :) [Jun. 22nd, 2015|09:32 pm]
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It's giant days again in Antwerp and seeing Lora and I like this sort of thing, we decided to go and have a look to see whether or not we could find any.
I had seen the little giant before a few years ago, but Lora hadn't, so the game was on! :)

We arrived around 12.30, and seeing the little giant (a different one than the little girl giant from a few years ago) had been listed as picnicing in the park at noon, we wandered over there and luckily still found him loitering around.

The Little Giant

The Little Giant

There were loads of people around, so we decided not to stick around too long and went to have a look at the Theatersquare to see if grandma giant was still around. Sadly we had no luck there so went to have lunch at 8tea5 :)
We both had Oreo cheesecake and Lora had a mojito bubble tea (alcohol free) and I had a watermelon ice tea (bubble tea without bubbles).

Oreo cheesecake and watermelon ice tea

I should have taken a photo of Lora's bubble tea too as it looked really cool. Next time!

Lora and I at 8tea5

Picture by Ling-Hua of 8tea5 :)

After food, we went and wandered some more, picking up the kanken classic pad straps that Isabelle got me to go collect for her (which may or may not end up being mine, depending on whether or not her cousin went and bought a pair before me. Either way I'm getting paid back so I don't particularly care ^^), went to look around at Dille & Kamille, failed to acquire a fan brush for Jos (unsurprisingly as we checked Verschooten hobby shop but it was still worth a try!).

In the spirit of "research", as Lora is moving later this year, we popped into H&M Home to see what they had. That and we were curious about the new shop. We like to call it H&M Ikea.

octopus rack

The did have this cute guy though, which I did not buy as I sadly have no use for him.

fun with mirrors

We also mucked around with this mirror for about 5 seconds, which we also didn't buy.

After that it was time to pop by Mekanik, so I could pick up comics that were set aside for Bert and I :)

Even though we had time to spare, not loads but some, we decided to go to the train station after that. The ticket selling personel had gone on strike, and I was worried the strike would spread, causing delays to happen or trains to stop running. We were a bit early for our train, but that was fine as there were plenty of comfy benches ^^
We had drinks in our bags, so we were perfectly fine :)

Our train actually did not get delayed which was fine, because it meant I was time in for Bert to be able to pop into some shops and he didn't go hungry waiting for me to come home so we could have dinner together :)

We didn't do much, but we had a great time hanging out and that's what counts :)

And this is Thursday's photo of the day, Loa napping:

Photo of the day: 18.6.2015 (day 169)