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In Belgium, government companies don't care about consumer rights - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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In Belgium, government companies don't care about consumer rights [Jun. 4th, 2015|08:01 pm]
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So a couple of months ago I posted about the fact that Proximus kept on calling me with marketing crap, at all hours, always inconvinient and always bothering me. And how I tried to get rid of them for years on end, and they kept lying to me and telling me they wouldn't call again.

In the end, I filed a complaint via their site threatening to take matters further if they didn't stop it.
Proximus' response was of a very illegal nature, and made an account in my name on the bel mij niet meer (don't call me anymore) list. Which is a government service where people can make an account and and leave the phone numbers on which they don't want to be called.
They created an account without my concent, in my name, thus pretending to be me (super illegal) and figured I'd be ok with it.
Of course I went to the site, asked for a new password and deleted that account.
Obviously. Because there is NO FUCKING WAY I would allow someone to control an account in my name, that I had nothing to do with, and that was created by someone pretending to be me.

I then proceeded to make a new account, using an email address Proximus doesn't know (and which I will NEVER provide them with) and added my landline and mobile number.
My husband also created an account, adding his mobile and our landline number.
So the landline is in the system TWICE.

Tonight, I was happily eating my pizza and what happens...
Indeed, the phone rang.
I pick up... a Proximus marketeer.

Now the girl I had on the phone was mega friendly, and of course this isn't her fault. So I didn't get mad at her, but I did point out that there was no use of starting her spiel, I am perfectly happy with my Proximus mobile plan (I am, I am just less than happy with their illegal crap) but that I am utterly not, not now, not ever, interested in any other products.
Because come on, like I am going to trust them with anything else, if I end up without mobile, whatever, without internet etc, not taking the risk.

Basically, this is typical for Belgium.
They put laws in place to protect consumer privacy, which companies have to respect.
Unless they are government companies like Proximus, then all bets are off and they can just steal your identy to create accounts in your name behind your back, and without your conscent.
And keep on calling you regardless of the fact that legally, they aren't allowed to do so.

I'll be writing emails to the ombudsman of telecommunication, as a Proximus representative replied to me on twitter (which I print screened), to Test Aankoop (the consumer rights watchdog) and Bel mij niet meer to report them in the mean time. Because no, I'm not a sheep that just takes all the crap thrown at her like most of my fellow Belgians.