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Hey let's make trains in Belgium run with even LESS money! (NVA strikes again!) - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Hey let's make trains in Belgium run with even LESS money! (NVA strikes again!) [May. 31st, 2015|11:58 am]
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So just now on De 7de Dag, Inez De Coninck of the NVA claimed that they can continue to guarantee the "good service" of the NMBS whilst spending less money on the railway.
Which makes me wonder: does she, and the people that support her, ever take the train?
On a regular basis rather than once a year?

Because the NMBS is ridden with strikes (both random and announced), trains that go with a delay, or trains that get cancelled willy nilly. Oh and infrastructure that causes people to have accidents. Accidents, that when reported, get ignored. And when the person that got hurt dares to publicly complain and demand that their rights aren't dragged through the mud, receives only passive aggressive comments.

And yet a major government ruling party thinks that spending LESS on one of the biggest means of public transport is a good idea?
I think that these politicians should be denied their private car and chauffeur for a month and go everywhere by train.
They'll sing a different tune at the end of that month...

It's all easy for them to say, because they have that private car, often with chauffeur, they don't have to take the train. And even though they claim to be a party of hte people, they obviously don't give a fuck about the people having to take the train, who will be victim of their bullshit as the service will get even WORSE and the prices will just get up.
And then they can all wonder why more and more people get a car...

EDIT (June 1st, 1 day later). So now Inez De Coninck has found my post via twitter, and decided she was going to spend her entire break rightfighting (her idea of having a discussion) in an efford to make me see her point, and probably stop bitching on the NMBS. Well guess what, not even politicians trying to get me to back off, will get me to back off. I got injured due to faulty NMBS infrastructure, I will not go away, especially not the way I've been treated. I know my rights, and unlike most of the sheep that compose the Belgian population, I am NOT intent on giving up on them.