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Catching up on daily picture posts (yet again). - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Catching up on daily picture posts (yet again). [May. 30th, 2015|07:27 pm]
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Photo of the day: 29.5.2015 (day 149)

Photo of the day: 29.5.2015 (day 149)
I never have much issues buying boots or shoes that fit. Even low shoes, sure I need an inlay sole because of my stupid half size and then they're often still on the big side, but aside from that, it's all pretty much ok really.
But sandals, oh boy. For absolute YEARS (longer than I can comfortably remember but I'm pretty sure nearly 10 or possibly more) I've resorted to, out of sheer misery, buying Puma flip flops. The nice soft cotton ones. That sadly last a summer and not longer.
Now there used to be the entire "spend € 30, get free shipping" deal, and a shop on the Meir in Antwerp, so I'd either buy a pair in store if I had to be in Antwerp, or buy two pairs at once. Two years ago I bought two pairs of red ones (the least offensive colour they had that year) and last year I bought some together with Bert in black (which I wore last summer). So basically, this summer I'm still set but the red doesn't really match a lot of my stuff, and Puma has upped the free shipping amount to €50 and is still not stocking the flip flops (which does not bode well).
I had already bought some jelly sandals at asos, and no matter how much fun jelly sandals are, I wanted a pair of sandals too. Remembering that some years ago I bought a pair from H&M that was comfortable enough, cheaper than Puma flip flops and for sure a lot prettier, I just went and ordered a pair online. The little bit keeping the back straps together was scratchy as hell and a sure way to get blisters or wounds very quickly, so I replaced that with a bit of ribbon. It's not like they were expensive or will last for longer than a summer, but at least I now have an alternative to jelly sandals and flip flops that match hardly anything :)

Today Bert and I went to the Olen shopping park because I wanted to check on little easy to carry tripod chairs. Turns out that they had plenty in stock, but they were too low to be comfortable for me with my bad knee, and the quality seemed very shoddy. As Bert remarked: what do you expect from a € 5,95 Decathlon item. Decathlon sometimes has some really good quality bargain items compared to other brands, but it's always very hit or miss. And this clearly was a miss.
I looked at flip flops for a bit, more out of curiosity than anything else and then we left.
We popped in a couple of more stores to look at stuff and then popped in to AS Adventure, where I saw something really cool. Instead of making camping/trekking backpacks for women in shades like pinks etc, Deuter made them all in the same neutral or bright shades they used on the male versions, but they distinguished by attaching a hair elastic with pretty yellow hibiscus flower on a zipper, which can easily be taken off. I thought that was so brilliant I will go as far as bother with FB to post about it smile emoticon
Go Deuter!
I wish I hadn't forgotten to pack a camera so I could have taken a picture!
Luckily they're on the site (here's just one example).

Photo of the day: 30.5.2015 (day 150)

Photo of the day: 30.5.2015 (day 150)
We also went to Albert Heijn because I wanted to get müesli as I nearly ran out of my usual organic stuff, but it's a pain at the moment to get to Bio Planet. Turns out I wasn't wron and there was more than enough choice (loads of organic too!) at AH. I also got a carton of raspberry cheesecake drinking yoghurt, which is erm, special I suppose.
Bert bought a box of donuts for lunch, and I ate the pink one (which tasted disturbingly like the infamous Dutch pink cookies) and this one with pastel sprinkles, as pink glazing and pastel sprinkles are not things Bert wants to deal with.
And the other flavours were not stuff I wanted (I don't like dark chocolate and fake banana).

Caturday: 30.5.2015

And today's Caturday photo.
I had bought yarn at Veritas to fix one of Bert's cardigans and Loa "helped" me roll it into a ball.