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This summer everyone should look like they stepped off a popular magazine. CONFORM! - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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This summer everyone should look like they stepped off a popular magazine. CONFORM! [May. 26th, 2015|03:40 pm]
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Or at least, that's what VijfTV and popular magazines are dictating.

I like to watch "Without a Trace" in the afternoon, because I am unashamedly quite fond of crime shows.
And whilst I'm picky about what I'd buy, I'm not that picky about what to watch on tv.
Imagine my surprise when it turns out it started far earlier and that it was followed by a new show "Summerproof".
Figuring that it may actually be a new sitcom or something, I decided to give it a watch.
It's still going on, and I've been hurling all kinds of abuse at the tv already.

It opened up with Jani, who OF COURSE, went straight for an alternatively dressed couple.
Because OF COURSE, looking alternative is a total NO GO this summer!
We must all wear prints, ridiculous prints! And look like we are messy festival slobs with stupid banadas woven into our hair!

If you WANT to look like that because you honest to god love that look, go for it. DO IT!
Completely ignore my ranting, because to each their own.
It just irks me beyond belief that media are once again trying to force stuff down our throat.

This show is full of vapidity, promoting all the things that are dictated hip this summer and giving the impression that whilst it's ok to have your own body type, it's only ok if you happen to also be trim and slim at the same time (how about no!).
It's dictating you should have a waxed upper lip, that you should sunbed (despite that not being healthy) 'till you are tan (because omg you are NOT allowed to show winter white skin!) and if you are single, well better get on Tinder and get a partner!

Oh and it's ok to pee in public, but apparently only if you wear Louboutins (you have to be a pretty specific kind of vapid to wear Louboutins to festivals, but hey that's just my opinion).

Oh and men are meat to be oggled. Only muscular, hot men of course, the rest is not worthy of the time.

I mean: seriously WHAT THE BLOODY FUCK!

Let me tell you what I will be doing this summer:
I will only wear the prints I want to wear, and if they are hip and happening that will be completely by accident.
I will look as alternative as I damn well please and only profit from hypes to stash up on stuff _I_ like and want to wear (jelly sandals, COME TO ME).
I will continue to pick and choose from what's in shops so it fits into my own style, and I will continue to wear things because I like them and because they make me happy, what media thinks of that I couldn't care less about :)

I won't go under a sunbed, if people don't want to look at my winter white skin, they can just look somewhere else :)
I will only shave my legs when I can be bothered (my leg hairs are so pale I can't be bothered very often).

I will use sunblock and after sun of course, because you know: skin care is your friend and skin cancer is very much NOT!
Not getting a tan is preferred over being tan and full of health issues!

And I will wear ridiculous floppy hats! All the ridiculous floppy hats!

Basically, shows like Summerproof are yet another example of the media needing to shut the fuck up (why couldn't they get Gok Wan to present something like this, then it'll be an actual good and helpful show!), pissing me off and then causing me to rant.
It's not something I'll watch again, and it's definitely something I'll ignore!