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Picture time (cute cats, Tsum Tsums and randomness, oh and an outfit shot!) - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Picture time (cute cats, Tsum Tsums and randomness, oh and an outfit shot!) [May. 20th, 2015|01:51 pm]
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We got pretty lucky on Monday, because the entire day it went from bright and sunny to bleak with the threat of rain, and it didn't actually rain 'till Bert and I came home from running errands in town.

Outfit: 18.5.2015

Hat: vintage/thrifted
Glasses: Theo
Cardigan: Primark
Blouse: Only
Skirt: made it myself
Bag: Swimmer
Socks: ebay seller
Shoes: asos

Photo of the day: 18.5.2015 (day 138)

Photo of the day: 18.5.2015 (day 138)
When I went to the local Yves Rocher store last week to pick up a few things I got this body spray/mist for free. It smells pretty nice, and I like how the bottle looks. It'll probably end up suffering the same faith as my tiny bottle of Pluto body spray from H&M: end up on the bathroom sink and get used to remove stickyness and grease even soap won't get off :)
Not what it's made for, but a great use for it and effective nonetheless :D

Photo of the day: 19.5.2015 (day 139)

Photo of the day: 19.5.2015 (day 139)
Two weeks in a row that Tsum Tsums came in the mail on Tuesday! This time a package from Dan and Jon arrived, they were kind enough to pick up a grapefruit soda pin (from the movie Up!, which I wanted pretty much since the first time I saw the movie years ago) and Fred :)
Thanks guys!

Tsum Tsum Tuesday

Tsum Tsum Tuesday: 19.5.2015
Loa and Fred.
More photos of these two together in the Tsum Tsum Tuesday set :)

Photo of the day: 20.5.2015 (day 200)

Photo of the day: 20.5.2015 (day 140)
It's a dreary day, so Loa and I build a pyramid with all the Tsum Tsums currently in the house.
When I say Loa and I, I mean that I stack them and Loa impatiently abides his time to throw over the stack.

I need three more Chip Tsum Tsums to fill my box of them. I'm thinking of getting two more Chip ones and a Dale. Because you know, Chip and Dale :)

And then I need 9 more (as two are Charlotte's and one is Shinto's) to fill up my big box of Tsum Tsums (or 12 and 6 more Goofy if I'm going to fill a separate box with Goofy Tsum Tsums, but considering how few and far between the Goofy releases are, that may take forever).

Bottom row: Chip (Disneyland Paris), Halloween 2014 Chip (Disney Store Japan), Valentine's Day 2015 Chip (Disney Store Japan), Christmas 2014 Chip (Disney Store Japan), Year of the Sheep 2015 Chip (Disney Store Japan), Easter 2015 Chip (Disney Store Japan).
Second row: Marie (The Aristocats, Disneyland Paris), Figaro (Pinocchio, Disneyland Paris), Lucifer (Cinderella, Disney Store France), Cheshire Cat (Alice in Wonderland, Disney Store Japan), Tigger (Winnie the Pooh & Friends, Disney Store France).
Third row: Fred (Big Hero 6, Disney Store France), Three Eyed Alien (Toy Story 2, Disney Store US), Sulley (Monsters Inc, Disney Store Japan), Fred (Big Hero 6, Disney Store US).
Fourth row: Goofy (Disney Store Japan), Halloween 2014 Goofy (Disney Store Japan), Christmas 2014 Goofy (Disney Store Japan).
Fifth row: Valentine's Day 2015 Winnie the Pooh (Disney Store Japan), Duffy the Disney Bear (Hong Kong Disneyland).
Top row: Zero (The Nightmare Before Christmas, Disney Store Japan).