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musical instruments, cute cats and Tsum Tsum Tuesday - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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musical instruments, cute cats and Tsum Tsum Tuesday [May. 12th, 2015|07:11 pm]
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Photo of the day: 11.5.2015 (day 131)

Photo of the day: 11.5.2015 (day 131)
My ukulele, a Fender Hau'oli Hawaiian Tenor ukulele.
I originally wanted one because I like the sound and they look like so much fun and easy to play.
I probably should have looked into it better XD
Because it's fucking HARD and it's all in the wrist.
Which is a bit of a problem if you, like me, have chronic tendonitis, OOPS.

BUT oddly enough me failing at getting even the basics of the ukulele figured out (I'm not giving up though!) seems to make me a better bass player. I've been playing Elvis songs (Jailhouse Rock and Burning Love) most of the afternoon and I was actually good at it!
So I consider the ukulele money well spent, even if I never become good at it (my aim is to at least learn to play ONE song on it!)

Tsum Tsum Tuesday: 12.5.2015

Tsum Tsum Tuesday: 12.5.2015
Today it's Tuesday and that means Tsum Tsum Tuesday which means Loa is bribed into posing with a Tsum Tsum on the head for a cat chew stick.

Photo of the day: 12.5.2015

Photo of the day: 12.5.2015 (day 132)
Every first Tuesday of the month, new Tsum Tsums are released. I forgot which series Japan got, but nothing I wanted in any case. The US got The Little Mermaid if I'm not mistaken and Europe got The Little Mermaid and Big Hero 6. Big Hero 6 had come out in the US last month, and because I wanted to be sure (after having missed out on the Japanese release in March) I had asked my friends Dan and Jon to get me Fred, which they did.
I did get another Fred, but he's Charlotte's. I got myself Tigger and Lucifer. I'm not a Cinderella fan, but the CRAZED look on Lucifer's face reminds me of Merlijn. Ergo, I had to have him. I also got a Darth Vader slap watch, because it was 54% off and I've kinda given up on finding the perfect Star Wars t-shirt by the next Star Wars Day (May 4th), so I'll wear that watch instead :D

It seems like Europe and the US are going just as crazy for Tsum Tsums as Japan is now, because by the time I looked on the French site, which was about 2 hours after they had been added, tops, half of the new ones had been sold out! Luckily they still had Fred :)