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No spoilers please! Not even tiny ones! - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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No spoilers please! Not even tiny ones! [May. 12th, 2015|10:26 am]
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[feeling |annoyedannoyed]

I am utterly FED UP with people posting spoilers, however small, about ongoing series.
Well posting spoilers full stop.

I totally understand that people are passionate about the series they follow, I get they want to talk about it.
I totally do.
But they can get a blog that allows proper cuts, put up proper spoiler warnings and go wild on on it!
Don't go and tumblr/tweet/whatever else that point blank FORCES your followers to swallow spoilers.

NOT everyone can watch the same show at the same time as you.
Some of us even like to wait 'till the show is aired on tv in our own country.
Or 'till it appears on Netflix or 'till the DVD is out.

Have some fucking respect for these people and don't spoil it for them!
No matter how small the spoilers, a spoiler is still a goddamn spoiler!

Acting like this does not make you a "super fan" or a "good fan".
It ruins the viewing pleasure of others.
Frankly with all the Game of Thrones spoilers I've been getting I have ZERO desire to touch the series, the books or the fandom full stop, because I don't want a part of a fandom that expects me to not only watch an episode the second that comes out but also talk about it online regardless of the viewing pleasure of others.

Because obviously (and this isn't a case in just the GoT fandom), if you don't watch it asap, you're not entitled to be able to watch it spoiler free.


Regardless of how much I like someone (even if I am friends with them), if they continue to put up spoilers for stuff I watch but haven't seen yet, I will stop following their account. I am beyond fed up, it's not even funny anymore.