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photos (flowers, cats, steampunk, food & drinks) + Flickr is now invading users privacy - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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photos (flowers, cats, steampunk, food & drinks) + Flickr is now invading users privacy [May. 10th, 2015|06:01 pm]
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Flickr has been able to get away with a lot of crap, mainly screwing up the lay-out spectacularly time after time, because it was pretty much the only truly reliable photo hosting service in its kind when it comes to cost for space etc.
Heck, I only stuck with it because I can afford it and because they have a copyright infringement team that actually is useful.
Contary that of tumblr, which like flickr, is owned by yahoo.

But with their latest stunt of blatantly invading people's privacy they are taking it too far to even my seemingly limitless tolerance for flickr bullshit.

They have now started the beta for "automatic tagging".
Basically every single photo you upload, EVEN the ones you have set to private AND not searcheable online, will be tagged with tags flickr thinks you "forgot" to add to "make it easier to find the photos in flickr search".
Easier for whom I wonder, because surely if a photo does not have a certain tag it's because the poster doesn't want it to have that tag.

I just had to physically back track through 14 photos, deleting all of the tags flickr added without my conscent and realised that not only were all of these tags added by flickr unwanted, half of them was completely incorrect. This isn't going to make search easier, it's just going to frustrate people to hell and back because a tag search will get them even MORE mistagged results than now.

Also, there is an option, to protect people's privacy, where they can set it so that only they can tag their own photos. So basically flickr is now overriding that option, giving the middlefinger to customers who want to be in control over their own tags!

I'm going to start looking into alternatives to flickr, and seriously this time, because I do NOT feel like manually correcting dozens of photos after a meet or event (it is massively time consuming because you have to remove them one by one from every single photo!) and I much less feel like doing it to hundreds of photos after a holiday.

At the very lease flickr should make this option optional (because I can imagine that there are lazy bums out there that would appreciate flickr tagging for them). But if they want to treat their users fairly (which clearly isn't high on their to do list at all) they would NOT implement crap like this.
Sometimes I think they WANT to go bankrupt.

Photo of the day: 6.5.2015 (day 126)

Photo of the day: 7.5.2015 (day 127)

Photo of the day: 8.5.2015 (day 2015)

Photo of the day: 8.5.2015 (day 128)
Pizza burger and organic Cola.
It was actually Shinya's lunch, but that didn't stop me from taking a photo :)

Photo of the day: 9.5.2015 (day 129)

Photo of the day: 9.5.2015 (day 129)
I love how there's now companies making modern vintage devices.
Totally saving up for this one.

Caturday: 9.5.2015

Caturday: 9.5.2015

Photo of the day: 10.5.2015 (day 130)

Photo of the day: 10.5.2015
Common brimstone butterfly nomming a flower.