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On Sunday I visited the royal family - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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On Sunday I visited the royal family [May. 8th, 2015|03:14 pm]
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Group shot

Well not really, but I DID go to the royal greenhouses, which are open 3 weeks a year.
Going to the royal greenhouses was one of those things I wanted to do, but that for some reason or other never happened. So when Liesa decided enough was enough and actually organised a meet (plenty of people were in the same situation) I decided to go :)

Joke and Björn, who live the next town over, said I could hitch a ride in their car (thank you so much guys!) which was awesome of them. It saved me 2 trains and a bus getting there. Saltje and Zsolt had also gone direct by car and were even timelier than us. We arrived in time, but they were already there. The weather wasn't very nice, so I suggested to go queue for tickets and wait for the others in the hall inside.
Just as we were waiting to cross the street towards the greenhouses they did an announcement saying they wouldn't admit new visitors for a while, which was a bit worrysome because the rest hadn't even arrived yet. And it turned out they were waiting longer than they had originally said because Matthew and Marie hadn't showed up and hadn't bothered to notify anyone (way to NOT go guys!).

nearly tights twins

Joke and Björn

A while later they did start to admit people again, we managed to get tickets, and made our way into the hall. About 5 or 10 minutes later Valerie and her boyfriend arrived too, and we waited some more...

Royal gardens

In the end, we had been waiting for the better part of an hour and half in total, and we decided to go in because Saltje said the greenhouses would close at 4pm and none of us felt like rushing through.
Of course the rest arrived shortly after, which is Murphy totally striking on us all XD

Joke with matching flowers

These white flowers were some of the first we encountered, and they matched Joke's dress :)

The greenhouse we were in was actually quite small (in as far as anything on the royal domain is small) because we were through with it quite quickly. I was really glad I had brought both an umbrella and my waterproof camera (Viva le Blub!) because it rained.
AND to make matters worse we got stuck in a queue. FOR AGES. Very unpleasant.

Royal gardens

Royal gardens

This is NOT the palace btw, it is "merely" an outhouse. Kind of like Petit Trianon relates to Versailles in France I suppose.

Royal gardens

There were lots of cherry blossom trees still blooming, but I don't think they held onto their blossom leaves much longer in that kind of weather to be honest.

Royal gardens

The Japanese gardens were sadly closed :(
I know this isn't the best photo, but as you can imagine the zoom on a compact camera isn't the best. And there was no way I was going to use my SLR in the rain.

Queuing in the rain ><

In case people thought I was joking about the queue. It was 10 times worse than that in reality XD

The umbrella is too tiny

Zsolt was pretty fed up by this point, possibly because of the tiny umbrella Saltje had packed. It matched her outfit super well though!

Royal greenhouses

Next greenhouse in sight!


little pond

The water was rust colored because people kept on throwing their copper small change in it, even though there were fish that were seeking refuge from the poison the water had become in the far corners. It really needed to be maintained better! And it would probably benefit of a sign saying "forbidden to throw things in the water".

carnivorous plant



Flowers matching Saltje :)

Photo of the day: 3.5.2015 (day 123)

Photo of the day: 3.5.2015 (day 123)

stuck again

Stuck in another queue. Sometimes we could walk on really well, and sometimes we got stuck.

And into another greenhouse we went:

follow the road


Leopold II

Buste of the man responsible for the greenhouses (and other pieces of grandeur in Belgium): King Leopold II (also known as "Uncle Polle" amongst a lot of Belgians, I'm not sure where that came from).

After another short (and sadly rainy) trip outside, we went into the final (and othe side of the initial) greenhouse.

weird plants

tropical plants

thee and pastry

We decided to go and have a drink in the café that was set up and wait for the others to arrive. I had an apple cake and a hibiscus tea that turned out to taste far too sharp, so I gave it to Lora when she arrived :)

Outfit: 3.5.2015me

Saltje was so kind as to take my outfit shot.

Hair flowers: H&M
Glasses: Theo
Goggles: customised vintage
Flower brooch: H&M
Cardigan: Primark
Blouse: asos
Flower ring: handmade
Skirt: handmade
Petticoats: Dear Celine and American Apparel
Socks: ebay seller
Boots: Sacha
Other accessories: handmade, Il Mezzometro, Atelier Tausandschön, Pica Pica Press, Fossil, Poorman's Gold Label

And Björn was kind enough to take the group shot (which once again took FOREVER to organise, I think I may need a whilstle or something XD).

Group shot






Caroline and her sister.

As usual I took loads more photos, mostly of flowers I must admit, but there is more fashion and art nouveau (greenhouse) architecture etc in this set.

We sat around hanging out some more and I took some more photos before we all started to leave for home again.