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Not your employee... [May. 8th, 2015|10:57 am]
[music |bloodthirsty butchers "youth"]

In the past I have made promo posts for record companies etc to do friends a favor, basically literally that.
I'm not saying I'll never do that again, but considering the amount of BS I am getting lately, it'll be a case by case basis and ONLY for projects I support fully myself, or that fit in BCM (in which case they may get publicity there, which is NOT necessarily free) or on The Gatehouse (which is free).

The reason is simple.
Because I am FED UP with completely random strangers coming to me on tumblr, twitter and facebook about their projects.
And mostly I get some pretty vague info or am expected to go and dig up all further info myself (really people, if you expect someone to promote your stuff, at least make sure they have a clear view IMMEDIATELY).
Also, whilst most people are friendly enough, they are just ASSUMING I'll do it from the get go (or they come accross that way) and can't even use words like "please", which is, well intended messages aside, still kinda rude. I just get links thrown at me with the expectation I'll go and make a pretty blog post about it.
They are essentially expecting a perfect stranger (me) to promote their product, but just go "would you/could you" instead of going "could you please have a look at this and talk about it on your twitter/tumblr/blog if you like what you see?"
And ladies and gentlemen, whilst that may work on some people, that does NOT work on me.

It's not because a person often posts on a certain subject, people should automatically assume that they are ok with promoting their product.

The thing is, if someone approaches me politely, be it for BCM, The Gatehouse or simply to get a reblog/retweet, that's fine. But do NOT expect me to say yes automatically. I will look into it, but I will not spend ages digging through links etc to even find out what _exactly_ you are talking about. So provide me with clear information that leaves nothing to misunderstanding from the start please.

Don't just assume I'll do it. You have a 50/50 chance here, and considering these are MY social media and NOT yours, you should respect it when I don't do it. (Several people have already been blocked for throwing a shit fit when I said no, there's room to spare for more, and don't be mistaken, I WILL block and report people that come up with verbal abuse when I won't promote their product).

I have NO desire to turn my social media accounts into promo accounts to benefit other people.
I'm not a free marketing device, I'm a human being that so happens to spend too much time online, but that doesn't mean that I'm here for you to benefit.
So yes, if I like your product I will happily write about it, but if I don't (and contary to popular belief I am quite picky), it's not going to happen.
If you want proper presentation online, considering hiring someone to do that for you, instead of chasing after everyone who uses a certain hashtag on a regular basis ;)
And if you insist on chasing after hastag users, be polite and precise.