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Free comic book day and other Antwerp adventures - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Free comic book day and other Antwerp adventures [May. 5th, 2015|03:44 pm]
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[music |Unwoman "Siren Ship"]

Free Comic Book Day at Mekanik Strip

Last Saturday (2.5.2015) it was free comic book day. The people from Mekanik Strip in Antwerp had already given us the flyer previously and I had made a reservation for comics to pick up (not free ones, actual comics I paid for with cash). The flyer promised cookies and other stuff (and comics, hail comics).

Because free comics are serious business (not really) Bert and I decided to take the 8.40 train to Antwerp. That would get us there way too early, but we figured that if we got there about 5 minutes before opening time, we'd at least be sure to get the comics we wanted for sure.

I had originally tried to get Lora, Agnes and Babs to come too (before Bert and I decided to go at stupid o' clock) but Agnes was spending the day with Jannes, Babs didn't feel like it as she was going away for the day before and Lora said yes, but we hadn't actually sorted anything. So when Lora texted that she was arriving at 12.15, I of course said that we'd meet her at the station, because Bert and I were waiting for our train on the platform when I got that text.

A good start of Free Comic Book Day

Photo of the day: 2.5.2015 (day 122)
I had packed Thor, God of Thunder volume 3: Accursed for Bert to read on the train and my kindle for myself.
There was an older metalhead couple sitting accross the hallway of the train from us, and they were discussing Bert's comic, with commentary that was full of stupid. I was partly tempted to explain what it was just because then they'd at least know and stop guessing, but I thought my Simon R Green book was more interesting. Of course they could have just asked rather than pretend to now what they were talking about. At least they weren't rude to us I suppose.

When we arrived in Antwerp Central, it was about 9.15 so we decided to go to Star Bucks. We seldom go to Star Bucks, but Bert felt like coffee, and I felt like caramel macchiato. I hardly ever drink coffee because of my heart (the last time was back at the beginning of November) and sure enough, halfway through the cup my heart was all: nopenopenope so Bert got to drink half of my fancy coffee on top of his regular coffee. We also ran into Malou, which was awesome because I hadn't seen her in over a year!
We spent some time hanging out at Star Bucks before Malou had to leave for work, and before it was time to amble over to Mekanik.

I took some pictures, for reasons :)

Free Comic Book Day at Mekanik Strip

Free Comic Book Day at Mekanik Strip

The cookies were really good!

They had set up the free comics upstairs and everyone was allowed 2 comics each. So Bert and I both got Secret Wars #0 and then Bert got Divergence #1 and i got The All-New, All-Different Avengers #1.

I'm still not keen on the entire Marvel Secret Wars and DC Convergence which are going on at the moment. Frankly, if I want to read Battle Royale, I'll fucking read BATTLE ROYALE. Which is also the reason I've stayed away from the Hunger Games franchise.

We also bought bought comics, and then crossed the street to the Oxfam second hand bookstore, where I found a book on Egypt that Bert liked and I bought for him for the whopping total of € 3. Massive bargain, especially considering that it was in mint condition!

After that we went to H&M to do some shopping. I wanted to get some hair accessories and found a nice cream hair flower. I also looked at some shorts, but sadly the brown one was in linen and the ones that were out of nice fabric were not in :(
I didn't really feel like getting a black or terracotta colored one, but I think I'll have to after all because my green shorts are really discolored by now :(
Not sure whether I want the black or terracotta pair yet, I think I'll let Bert decide in the end because I can't choose :)

Even though we were in town really early, it was time to go and pick up Lora at the station before we knew it!
Once we found her we went to have lunch at Panos, and returned to Mekanik so Lora could also get free comics :)
And buy some horror manga.
Bert decided he also needed MORE comics :)

Free Comic Book Day at Mekanik Strip

Bert tried a blue jello shot, but he didn't like it. I kind of regret not having tried the red one :(

One for Lora's wishlist

Lora found a book that totally went on her wish list.

After that we went on a hunt for more manga for Lora at FNAC, which had a sad little manga stock (boo!) and we wandered through town some more. Around 3 we decided we had seen it all and returned to the station to catch a train home. But not before outfit shots were taken!


Outfit: 2.5.2015

Hair flowers: Veritas
Hairband: Claire's
Glasses: Theo
Cardigan: Takko
Blouse: asos
Skirt: made it myself
Socks: ebay seller
Shoes: Secret Shop
Armor ring: Poorman's Gold Label
Mood ring: asos
Other accessories: Il Mezzometro, handmade, Pica Pica Press, Skullery

I'm pretty sure I've finally busted the soles of my tea parties :(
Luckily I have another pair standing in the cupboard, still in the box, because I loved the other pair so much I bought a spare pair the second I saw the chance :)
Seeing they lasted me 5 years, I'm inclined to say those shoes are a good buy.
I'm going to try one more thing: put the soles I use to make my low brogues one size smaller in them and see if that helps. If not, I fear they shall have to be replaced by the new pair. I should probably already have some anti-slip soles sorted out for them so I don't fall over horribly first slippery surface I walk on.