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Antwerp Convention was awesome! (Sunday 26.4.2015) - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Antwerp Convention was awesome! (Sunday 26.4.2015) [May. 4th, 2015|02:11 pm]
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I got up at 6.30 to get ready to leave the house at 8.15 to catch the 8.40 train (I rather get there in time in case there's a crowd before me at the ticket booth of the train station) and was pleasantly surprised to discover Vier was airing Batman, the Brave and the Bold. In Dutch, but beggars can't be choosers. Followed by the first two episodes of the remake of the Thundercats cartoons. Why they are airing all the awesome cartoons stupidly early on a Sunday is beyond me, you'd think they'd put those in a much better timeslot, but apparently the people programming these things have no clue (I am not surprised).

After the infamous door incident (to which the NMBS still has not responded, which says enough about their crap customer service), we went to Agnes and Jannes' flat accross the street from the event to have breakfast pastries Babs had kindly provided. Agnes gave me some Batman ice cubes, for which she has my eternal gratitude because they somewhat calmed my mild concussion and made sure that my face didn't become one giant bruise. Well it's still (a week after the fact now) one giant bruise, but at least it didn't become a visible giant bruise thanks to holding ice against it for a good long while.

I suppose that if I hadn't held ice against it and my face would have been black and blue the doctors at the ER would have at least taken me properly serious and there would have been proof that the NMBS couldn't have gotten around. But I still prefer my face not to be a visible giant bruise.

After food was had and everyone was ready, we crossed the street to the convention. Babs and I had to exchange our paperwork for press bracelets, and Agnes and Jannes went in via the line for people that already had tickets. The did a great job organising everything this edition, and I wrote a positive review on the event for The Gatehouse, which you can read here.

Wonderland Designs

It was pretty crowded, but we still managed to have a pretty decent look at everything, I bought dorayaki at the Japan Center and a melon pan, we caught up with some friends and people we knew, picked up orders at Eppo (me) and Archonia (Babs), bumped into Fanny and Agnes and Jannes and had a giggle at the Marvel bus (not necessarily in that order).

Babs ♥ Hawkeye

outfit: 26.4.2015

Floppy hat: customised ebay find
Brooch on hat: made it myself
Glasses: Theo
Goggles: customised vintage
Tie: Thrifted
Tie guard: Poorman's Gold Label
Backpack: Fjällraven (Kanken Big)
Shrug: Vero Moda
Typewriter brooch: Oh, Marisha!
Top: my own design, made it myself
Miliitary brooch: made it myself
Fabric bag: H&M
Leather bag: Zatchels
Armor rings: Poorman's Gold Label
Belt: Veritas
Holster: Darkblade
Nerf gun: customised HammerShot (Zombie Strike series)
Skirt: made it myself
Petticoats: Dear Celine and American Apparel
Tights: Teja Jamilla
Spats: my own design, made them myself
Boots: Kickers
Accessories: Fossil, handmade, Claire's, Pica Pica Press, Il Mezzometro

We looked around at shops some more, and Babs found the Hawkeye cap (it's much nicer in real life) she had been looking for for a while :) I kinda wanted the Thor one, but these things don't suit me so I gave it a miss. Last time I bought one (back in 2010) I gave it to Babs a few years later so I decided to hang onto my cash :)

More pictures were taken


As you can see, it's not always practical to take photos. I'll ask permission, and get ready to snap, and a whole slew of douchebags that can't be bothered asking will suddenly show up and even shamelessly get in front of me so even though I asked, I don't get a decent spot to photograph from. It's a never ending issue at every single event sadly. At one point I'm going to snap and give these D-bags a piece of my mind XD

Steampunk Flash

Disney statues

There was a really neat Sulley statue too, but some really OBSESSED Disney fangirl (it was pretty obvious) stood smack in front of it, trying to purchase something like well, a pretty obsessed person. I did point out I just wanted to take a photo, she glared at me and moved the full 5 cm to the side, which obviously wasn't nearly enough. In my experience hard core Disney fans can get rather INSANE about their fandom, so rather than politely asking her to move over a little more and risk a shit fit and a scene, I just left it at that.

Storm Trooper

Rocket penguin

We went on the hunt for a space to sit and have lunch and have a look at food on sale and decided to go to the other hall. It was super crowed in there, but still managed to find Mdina and the Korea Snacks stand. So I held space on the mat whilst Babs went to get vegetarian gyoza, Mdine caught up with a friend and Laura and Belinda came over to say hi. I was honestly happy to see them, but by then I was feeling pretty fuzzy in the head due to my concussion so I was pretty out of it :( Sorry guys! I wish I hadn't walked into that stupid malfunctioning station door so I could have properly talked to them and taken their photo, because they both looked AMAZING, omg!

In the end, food was had (I had brought my own so I'd have more cash to buy comics :D) and we went for another wander and I took more photos :)

classy Cruella

Victoriana fashion

I found a blank variant cover Star Wars # 1, and because my brain was fuzzy forgot to also get the blank variant Princess Leia #1 comic XD Forever sad! (Although a regular cover of that issue would do fine as well mind).
We lost Mdina to more of her friends along the way to the other hall, where we wanted to check out more stuff,

Talking Dalek pillow thingie

bumped into Sári again,


found Lauranse who was being Krimson to promote Amoras and attempted to tak a selfie with my camera of the three of us because it was as close to an Artifakt group shot we were going to get.

attempt at selfie

Photo of the day: 26.4.2015 (day 116)
Because that wasn't working out at all, we ended up asking a friendly guy to take a photo of the three of us instead :)

Laurens, Babs and I

I went to queue to get Bert's copy of Amoras #1 signed whilst Babs went to the bathroom. The queue luckily wasn't very long and she was back and flopped down on the mat next to the signing tables whilst the artist was drawing Krimson (I let him choose) in Bert's book. The signing was free and organised by 't Besloten Land (a store in Louvain). Even though I brough in my copy from home and didn't buy it at the convention, the store owner still gave me an exclusive Amoras poster, which was super nice of him :) Babs had a huge bag from the Archonia stand so she was kind enough to let me put it in there so it could stay nice. My kanken backpack is good for a lot, but not to keep rolled up posters wrinkle and dent free sadly.

signed copy of Amoras #1

We chilled a little longer, found Mdina again and decided to go have another look in the other hall. Babs found her friend Yannick, and afterwards Babs, Mdina and I went to have our picture taken at the TARDIS :)

at the Tardis

We ambled around some more, took more photos

Creepy cute dolls

Harley Quinn

Grumpy Cat

And then we were at the exit and decided that considering we'd seen it all several times over, and I wasn't feeling very well at all at that point, it was time to go home.
Mdina caught her tram, Babs and I chilled at Agnes and Jannes some more and passed each other stuff we had kept for each other from the con, and then Babs kindly dropped me off at Berchem station so I could take a train home and Bert drove me to the ER from the station, where we spent forever waiting to be "seen" by a doctor who only took a glimpse at me from afar, sent me for X-rays and diagnosed me with mild concussion and a cracked nose. Luckily it stopped at that, because his utterly lax and frankly lack of examination (he didn't even touch my face, come on! I could have been bleeding in my brain or something) wouldn't have noticed any other internal head injuries... XD
But the thing is, Bert was utterly STARVING by that point, and I just felt so incredibly CRAP I just didn't have it in me to put up a fight and DEMAND to be seen to properly. I should have, but I couuldn't think straight anymore because I was in pain and completely fuzzy in the head and Bert couldn't think straight because he was so hungry.
I'm in half a mind to only pay for the Xray when the bill comes, considering they did such a crap job of the examination.
For those wondering, I went to the ER of Imelda in Bonheiden, which is probably better avoided unless you're properly half dead. St-Maarten in Mechelen probably would have been worse though, that's a hospital I definitely won't set foot in ever again XD

Anyway, it was lucky that I bought melon pan so I had something to eat at night (it was too sweet though, boo) and dorayaki because it meant that Loa and I could share them for breakfast on Monday and Tuesday. Shinto was pretty displeased I bought normal ones and not the matcha ones. I did feel bad though, because normally I would have remembered, but it's true what they say: concussion really messes with your head and makes your scatterbrained like you wouldn't believe :(
Which is also why I took a week off from the Gatehouse and BCM. The doctor at the hospital didn't even mention anything about time off work, he just sent us on our was as soon as he possibly could (whilst a bunch of interns were mucking about on a computer instead of you know, seeing patients!). Luckily my boss said: week off on sick leave! Concussion is serious business!
And now a week later, my nose is still not ok, and my head isn't fully healed either.

Anyway, medical issues caused by the NMBS aside (I'll be baffled if they actually answer me, and truly shocked when they actually try to make amends, IF they even answer they'll probably come up with some excuse that isnt even sincere because they don't seem to give a flying fuck about their customers), here are some more photos.

Japanese snacks

The KitKats were a gift from Agnes. Thanks Agnes!

Comics loot

Photo of the day: 27.4.2015 (day 117)
Comics loot :)
Inhuman 2/3 thanks to Marc from Eppo, Star Wars # 1 found at the con and Thor Annual variant cover thanks to Babs :)

And for even more photos, click here!