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So apparently now Proximus is allowed to use your identity behind your back... - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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So apparently now Proximus is allowed to use your identity behind your back... [Apr. 16th, 2015|06:00 pm]
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... or at least, they THINK they can get away with crap like that and no one will speak up.
Think again, because I WILL speak up.

For years on end, and ALWAYS at inconvenient times, as these things go, I got harassed over the phone by telemarketeers from Proximus (previously Belgacom). Earlier this week it happened again and I AGAIN requested to FINALLY register that I do NOT want to be called. Not now, not ever. The lady on the phone was very friendly and told me they could not, in fact, make that note (so basically all others that called me had been lying for years on end).
She also informed me that the only thing she knew of I could do to no longer be called is to subscribe myself to the Robinson list.
The Robinson list is a Belgian service that makes sure you get NO advertising, in any way, shape or form.
Which I thought was a bit extreme just to stop getting Proximus to call me, especially as I'm not the only person living on this address.

So I did what every normal Belgian does in this situation, and sent a complaint mail to Proximus. Which I had done before, but this time I made it quite clear that if they don't stop calling me, I will take steps, and those will not include the Robinson list.

What does Proximus do?
They did not apologise in any way, shape or form.
Instead they went and used the Bel me niet meer service (a service of the Belgian government I didn't know about, where you can register and leave the phone numbers you do not want to be called on), registered me (in other words, they commited identity theft as they did NOT inform me of these actions) and inscribed my mobile and landline number via an account I have ZERO control over. I don't know what address they left for me, I don't know what other info they fed into my account, I have NO clue what's going on.
They could just have replied to my email, apologised for their douchebaggery and told me I could register my phone numbers on the service, which I would have happily done!
But no, they decided to commit a crime and go and pretend to be me to create an account for me which I have no control over.

So I ended up emailing the service, explaining the situation, and hopefully they'll be understanding and kind enough to help me out. If not, well I'll at least have a copy of that sent email so I can prove, should the need ever arise, that Proximus committed identity theft and I have nothing to see with that account.

That ladies and gentlemen, is what the telecom business in Belgium is getting up to.
And what do politicians do to protect us against this kind of illegal crap?
Right: nothing.

But ask yourself this, if one of the major telecom companies is already blatantly breaking the law this way? Whatever else are they getting up to with our personal information? Because let's be realistic, seeing they provide all kinds of (digital) television, internet, mobile and landline phones, they can get at a lot of it.
Food for thought!