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It's just fashion... [Apr. 3rd, 2015|09:03 pm]
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Dries Van Noten - Inspirations

Because my plans last Sunday (29.3.2015) fell through and Bert pointed out I should see if there were alternatives to do so I wouldn't mope around the house all day, I texted my friend Lora to see if she was still going to the J-fashion meet in Antwerp.
Seeing she was, I decided to take the train and join her.

Liesa, Julie, Lora and Sári were already there when I arrived.
Because it was raining and windy like you wouldn't believe, the original plan for a picnic in the park was of course binned, so instead we opted for lunch in the cozy larger of the two Panos eateries on the ground floor :)
It has plenty of room, and a good choice of pastries and sandwiches for a decent price so it was an excellent choice :)

We stuck around for quite a while after we were done eating, but it was ok because it wasn't crowed enough for us to be in the way. I guess that the horrible weather kept people in their houses.

Because Julie didn't have an umbrella with her, we opted for taking the tram to the Groenplaats, from which the MoMu (fashion museum) is only a very short walk.
It had been since the Walter Van Beirendonck retrospective some years ago that I had gone to the fashion museum, and I suddenly remember why.

For an establishment that prides itself for being an international instution of fashion, they are so pretentious and narrow minded when it comes to fashion they don't know, or that isn't currently popular. It was really quite clear by the point blank unfriendly behaviour by the woman at the desk that we were not the desired clientel, and she started off by bitching and moaning about the fact that, shock, horror, FIVE people wanted to each by their ticket. Because heaven forbid, she'd have to *gasp* do her job. Which she did, in an extremey grouchy and unfriendly manner.

Not only is the charge for +26 adults far too high for what it is (you get a 30 minute time slot, although I don't think that's actually enforced at all) and basically, before that time is passed you'll have seen everything because frankly, there's not that much to see :(
I really did enjoy seeing the pieces by Dries Van Noten, there was some really cool stuff in there, and the presentation was nice, but it was over far too quickly really.

Dries Van Noten - Inspirations

Dries Van Noten - Inspirations

Dries Van Noten - Inspirations

Dries Van Noten - Inspirations

And even though the MoMu advertises having a permanent collection, in reality they don't really, they just have one small area with traditional garb from several countries and cultures and that's it.

Antwerp fashion museum

We did double check, and when I enquired at the ticket desk/reception, I got told there was no permanent collection in a tone that suggested we should just leave already.
Apparently in Belgium when institutions and towns claim they are fashion hotspots, they mean "fashion as is socially acceptable" not "we are open minded, even to fashions we're not familiar with at all".

We did manage to take photos because we wandered up some random stairs and no one seemed to care enough to check what we were up to and tell us to go away. Huzzah :)
It's far from the best location, but considering the weather and the limited options the MoMu had to offer, we went with what we could find.


Julie was super adorable in her cult party kei outfit.


The forever awesome Lora.


Sári hasn't got a real lolita outfit yet, so instead of showing up in regular fashions, or giving the meet a miss, she decided to wear a more Goth style outfit because it would at least fit better at a J-fashion meet than regular clothes. I agree with her. And frankly, we all had to start somewhere :)


Liesa in an awesome electric blue dress. The camera does no justice to the shade at all :(

Outfit: 29.3.2015

My outfit, photo by Liesa.

Beret: ebay seller
Glasses: Theo
Necklace: Atelier Tausandschön
Cardigan: Primark
Blouse: thrifted
Skirt: made it myself
Petticoats: American Apparel and Dear Celine
Tights: Ophanim
Boots: Kickers
Bag: Zatchels

I was in a rush getting ready to go out, so I forgot most of my accessories, boo!

group shot

We found some super kind girls that were happy to take a group shot for us. Thank you kind fellow MoMu visitors!

Fear our locker packing skills

We had taken two lockers (you get the money back you put in so whatever), one to hang our umbrellas in, and one for other stuff. Originally Liesa had warned me (I was keeping the keys) that our stuff would probably fall out because we crammed so much in it but in the end she had packed the locker way better than she thought because it was fine (yes i opened it and completely forgot her warning, so it's a good thing she underestimated her packing skills ^^).

Because it wasn't late at all (I think we spend maybe 40 minutes in total at the MoMu) we decided to go for a drink at Quetzal. And luckily, there was even a table free.

Photo of the day: 29.3.2015 (day 88)

Photo of the day: 29.3.2015 (day 88)
Oreo miilkshake. I try to avoid Monsanto products like the plague, but I have a weak spot for Oreos. The ones sold in Europe are at least GMO free, so that's something (if they weren't, I wouldn't touch them anymore).

Liesa had to leave early because her public transport connection is a bit sketchy on Sundays, and when we eventually made our way to the station it was a good thing it stopped raining as the wind brutally murdered Sári's umbrella. Luckily there was a large bin nearby to neatly dump it in :)

On the way, I suddenly noticed a cat behind the window of a closed café trying to get our attention. And attention it got, a plenty. It seemed to be very pleased.
I didn't feel like finding either of my cameras in my backpack, so I took some crappy pictures with my phone instead.

window cat

At the station it turned out that Lora and I had to wait nearly an hour for our next train, so we went to have french fries at the little station chip shop :)
Neither Lora nor I were very hungry, so we shared a small pack of fries :)
And then after a while it was time for Lora and I go get the train and say goodbye to the others (half of Lora's journey is the same as mine).

I have loads more photos, which are all here.

[User Picture]From: rosedechocolat
2015-04-05 10:36 am (UTC)
that sucks when you planned to do a picnic in a park and then it rains... it happened so many times that you always have to confirm the d-day if you keep that plan or change for an other one..

unfortunately most of the "fashion institution" aren't open minded to fashion they do not know or aren't popular because most of them are too conservative and only appreciate (high) pricy clothes from well known designer.... i'm always so disappointed when someone pretends to love fashion or art but aren't 'responsive' to something unusual, creative and pretty artistic. Some people do not want to get off the beaten track and/or are too 'scared' because they cannot control it.

and don't worry it's not specific to Belgium this is the same here in France..... that sucks but we unfortunately have to deal with...

the pieces from Dries Van Noten are awesome, that 'military' jacket is to die for, and i love that dress: https://www.flickr.com/photos/houseofsecrets/16810855857/in/set-72157651712536132
very inspiring (:

Julie's outfit is absolutely gorgeous, she looks like a little flower fairy, that's so refreshing <3 and i'm in love with your mustaches (?) skirt xD <333

Oreo Milkshake -*o*- gurl i'm so hungry right now thx xD

bon malgré la pluie et la mauvaise accueil du musée vôtre journée semble avoir été très agréable et c'est un point positif!
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: kittensandsteam
2015-04-05 05:01 pm (UTC)
Yes! Especially with the weather in Europe, you just can not trust on it. Luckily there was Panos, with lots of affordable and delicious things to eat :)

It always makes me sad too! You could think that people in the creative business would be open minded to things that are different and see them as a potential area of inspiration!
It makes me very sad also :(
I think it is sadly the case in many places :(

Ah yes that military jacket! All the girls I was with were in love with that :) You can buy them from reenactment stores, but they are SO expensive (probably cheaper than a Van Noten one though haha). They are called hussar jackets.
If you want bigger versions of those photos to keep as inspirations, just give me your email and I'll email them to you :)

Julie, omg, she was SO adorable in her cult party kei outfit! So perfect! And that was the first time she wore that fashion too!
Instant perfection!

Thank you so much! When I saw that fabric I just had to have it!

If you're ever in Antwerp, I will take you to 8tea5 where they have Oreo bubbletea (I've not tried it yet, but I heard good things) and the BEST Oreo cheesecake ever! Or to Quetzal (or to both haha) where they have Oreo milkshake :)

Qui c'était vraiment chouette! Beaucoup mieux de rester a la maison! :)

(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: rosedechocolat
2015-04-05 05:43 pm (UTC)
I guess a Panos is a kind of tea/coffee room or sandwhich shop right ? :)

unfortunately yes, in many places/country it's the same deal... but as an art and (high)fashion lover i'm always so intrigued when i see something "new" or uncommon, i try to find/watch/read as many as i can to try to "understand" it or know where it comes from, why people are interested by this fashion or this specific style... and i'm sad to see that most of people, especially people from the fashion/art industry, aren't as passionante and curious as we can think they are about unsual and original things..

ah ah i can easily imagine it, most of the time this kind of piece are ridiculously expensive ^^' ooh yes thank you, can you please send the HD pictures of these twos pieces at: princesse-pudding[at]hotmail[dot]com please ? thanks for proposing, i'm curious to see all the details and so <3

wow such a good job for a first cult party key attempt !
and gurl i think that mustaches print is so you, unique and i love how you turn it into a loliable skirt, that's perfect and uncommon :D

oooh you're so adorable, i should plan something in the netherlands one day like a week end or so, you seem to have so many nice places to visit and i would love to try those oreo milkshake and cheesecake OMG !!!!
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: kittensandsteam
2015-04-05 05:59 pm (UTC)
Panos is a chain of sandwich shops all over Belgium, but they also have pastries and muffins and stuff like that :)
Some of them are take-away, some of them have some seating space, and some, like the one we went to, are really quite cozy :)
We always joke that in Belgium Panos is a plague, because you have them EVERYWHERE and in some train stations you get two or three, it's quite ridiculous. I think there's 6 or 7 in total in the center of Antwerp!

I'll send them to you! Sadly the lighting was pretty bad, but you should still be able to see things a bit better in bigger format :)

Thank you so much *blushes*.
I like to wear something different than my normal steampunk prints from time to time :)

The Netherlands is right next to Belgium (I'm in the province of Antwerp, but not Antwerp itself) so it should in theory be doable to visit :)
I went to a J-fashion shopping event today, and we were talking how we should do another big meet soon, I'll definitely let you know when it is :)
You're always welcome to sleep over at my house, my sofa is very comfortable. And if you're too scared of Loa, he can stay next doors at Bert's grandparents (our houses are connected) ^^

(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: rosedechocolat
2015-04-06 08:34 am (UTC)
OH okay !!! thanks for the explanations, i think we don not have something like that here in France, or maybe Paul or La Brioche Doré but it's not as much !
it's like the Starbucks Coffee in Tokyo, you can have like 3 starbucks around a train station, some where you can seat, some others where you can only take away :)

oooooh oooohhh I apologize !! i've always tought that Antwerp was in Netherlands (as many French people i guess xD), i'm terrible in geography, sorry for being such a terrible blonde girl in my soul ToT
but Belgium is far closer than Netherlands so it'll be easier to come ah ah
and oh my goooosh you are the sweetest person i have ever met, thank you so much for proposing, it'll be a real pleasure to join you at your next big meeting, please let me know i would love to meet you again and meet your 'local' community too :)

how was your day at the J-fashion Shopping event ? is that a kind of Japan Expo or Made in Asia something like that ?!
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: kittensandsteam
2015-04-06 09:39 am (UTC)
I love Paul though!
There used to be a Paul in Antwerp and I still miss it dearly!

That's ok, my geography sucks too! But yeah I'm in Belgium. I'll let you know when there's a next big meet! :)

It was good! It was only a very small event but it was fun to see friends and everyone was super friendly. It was really just one room but for the first time it was organised it was good :)
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: kittensandsteam
2015-04-05 06:09 pm (UTC)
Stupide hotmail, j'ai reçu un message d'erreur quand je 't envoy les liens pour faire un download des photos XD
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: rosedechocolat
2015-04-06 08:35 am (UTC)
grrr c'est souvent le problème avec hotmail >.< ils bloquent toujours tout, ce n'est pas grave ne t'en fais pas, merci beaucoup d'avoir essayer en tout cas <3
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: kittensandsteam
2015-04-06 09:38 am (UTC)
Le probléme avec hotmail est que microsoft sait très bien que la pluspart des gens l'utilise seulement pour faire du shopping et éviter que leur "proper" email reçoit beaucoup de spam, donc ils bloquent des email normeaux le pluspart du temps. Pas du tout logique les gars du microsoft XD
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