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BCM #23 is out now for FREE download. [Apr. 2nd, 2015|12:42 pm]
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BCM 23 - cover

You can get your own copy, right HERE.

Time does fly, this is our 23rd already! And in May BCM will have existed 4 years!

We once again bring you a feature full of beautiful photos by Helcanen, this time about the Saitama region.
For the other features we have mixed it up a bit, instead of two fashion features we have one feature showing as many lolita styles as possible (there are more but we only got 11, it’s a start at least!), sometimes in ways you wouldn’t traditionally imagine.
And our third feature is about a hobby loved by many that originated in Japan: cosplay!

As far as music is concerned with spoke to ADAMS, who are currently touring Europe on their Sexplosion Europe tour, ARAYA who was in Belgium earlier in March and Hibiki of Japanese band Calmando Qual, an interview that had quite a bit of delay but we managed to make it happen!

And of course tons more fun stuff such as cheki competitions where you can win 3 cheki signed by ADAMS and 1 signed by ARAYA, an ADAMS poster and much, much more!